Turn Your Golf Bag Into A Training Aid

Fix Your Backswing With This Quick Tip

Having problems fixing your backswing issues? Well, your carry bag could be used for more than just holding your clubs and accessories. In fact you can turn your golf bag into a training aid.

Yanking the club too far inside on the take away? Too much hip sway on the back swing? Getting stuck on the inside transitioning from the top? Try this …

golf bag into a training aid 1-3


Place your stand bag parallel to your target line and on your foot line with your back foot up against the leg stand (Photo 1). If you take the club back too far on an inside path you will hit your bag. If you sway back, usually caused by trying to keep your head down too long, your hip will hit your driver (Photo 2).

Take a few practice swings watching your club go back without hitting your bag and make sure your hip doesn’t sway laterally (Photo 3). After a few practice swings, keep your eyes on your ball and see if you can feel the motion going back (Photo 4).

golf bag into a training aid 4-6


If you have problems with dropping the club too far on the inside and getting stuck on your transition from back swing to your finish, this drill will help you stay on path (Photo 5). Trust me, you will learn not to drop that club on the inside as you have too much invested in your clubs to damage them! (Photo 6)

For those who have the opposite problem of coming over the top, you can move your bag to your front foot line, parallel to your target line. Swing without hitting your new expensive swing aid and instantly cure your over-the-top, out-side-in swing path.

Randy Chang is Director of Instruction at Journey at Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, California

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