50 Best Golf Swing Keys

Where To Be Throughout The Swing For Guaranteed Success

50 best golf swing keys opener

Editor’s Note: This 50 Best Golf Swing Keys feature by Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor Brady Riggs originally appeared in 2008, but it’s just as relevant now. The Tour pros Riggs describes display tried-and-true positions and moves common to every top-tier golfer. The feature has been updated slightly for clarity and readability.

When you watch Tour pros on television, you probably notice certain similarities in their respective swings.

Good tempo is common, as well as good balance. Do you remember the last time you saw a professional golfer fall down after a swing or take a hack that looked awkward or rushed? Amateur golfers also tend to notice the look and feel of effortlessness Tour pros project during the swing. Of course, the prodigious distance their shots travel and the crispness of their ballstriking are impressive as well.

The problem is, most amateurs simply don’t do the things the pros do before, during and after the swing and, as a result, are unable to get the same results. To hit the ball like a pro, you have to understand the moves they make and learn to do them yourself. Then, you’ll be solid.

Pro Drills

A corresponding drill is included for every dynamic part of the golf swing in this article. These drills are designed to help ingrain the magic moves that you’ll need to hit the ball like a pro. Once you better understand the swing, practicing the drills will be easier and more productive.

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