SKLZ Golf Introduces Set-Up Trainer

Anna Nordqvist with SKLZ Golf Set-Up Trainer

SKLP Set-Up TrainerSolid ball striking and pro-like accuracy starts with a proper setup. Designed to consistently reinforce proper address position for solid ball striking, the Set-Up Trainer from SKLZ Golf helps you get more power, distance and precision out of every club. Its unique design folds up for easy portability and stores in your golf bag. Among its adherents are PGA Tour Pro Tony Finau and LPGA star Anna Nordqvist. With the Set-Up trainer in your daily practice regiment you’ll:

  • Build and reinforce the fundamentals for proper setup and alignment and ball position
  • Help lock in the desired swing path with fades and draws
  • Eliminate bad habits and and enable more rewarding practice sessions

The Set-Upo Trainer adjusts for every club in your bag for proper ball placement. It’s Portable, easy to use and stores in your bag

Golf Tips will follow up with a full review in the coming weeks.

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