Gifts For The Golfing Dad

MISIG Golf Stretch Trainer


Fitness-minded golfers are no strangers to resistance bands, those stretchy strands of rubber that help strengthen the body from shoulders to ankles. But The MISIG — which stands for the Most Important Stretch in Golf — is something new, a complete golf performance program that includes a stretching program, swing training program and exercise program designed around one of the most important fundamentals in the golf swing: the takeaway. Consisting of three bands of varying lengths and thicknesses depending on one’s fitness level, which attach to an upper arm band on one end and a sliding, padded handle on the other, the MISIG builds muscle memory and develops a proper takeaway as you slide the handle along a plastic shaft from address to the top of the backswing. By keeping the elbow locked through extension and wrists hinging properly, golfers can develop an increased range of motion, more degrees in the backswing and faster clubhead speed. “There are numerous benefits from stretching and using the Most Important Stretch in Golf,” said inventor and owner, Bernie Fay.  “MISIG is a great tool for instructors and rehabilitation specialists as well.” Simply make the MISIG a part of your daily training or warm-up routine by sliding the handle five to six times up the bar per set. You’ll quickly develop stronger golf muscles and avoid injuries due to increased flexibility, loosened tendons and muscles, and improved extension — and also gain a better understanding of the mechanics of the swing, including the proper transition at the top.

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The Hip Striker


There’s one key motion great golfers, baseball players, tennis players and many other athletes have in common: A powerful, well-timed, repeating turning of the hips through contact. Any teacher will tell you that active hips are essential for generating power whether you’re hitting a dimpled golf ball off a tee or a 100 mph fastball to deep center field. The brand-new Hip Striker helps develop powerful hips and a strong core for all kinds of athletes, but for golfers in particular it’s a boon for dads seeking to boost their distance, especially with the driver. And who isn’t?

Consisting of an oblong plastic paddle-like device attached to an adjustable snap-on belt, with three orange foam balls included, the Hip Striker is placed just off the right hip (for right-handers); from there you just toss each ball into the air and time your hip strike with the paddle until you’re making solid contact every time. As you increase the distance each ball travels, you’ll feel the burn in your core and get immediate feedback on just how well those hips are moving through the impact zone. It’ll take a little practice to get the motion down, but once you do it’s all about building speed. Take that muscle memory to the practice tee and onto the course and you’ll see clear increases in power and all but eliminate any over-the-top swing flaws in the process.

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SKLP Set-Up Trainer


It’s time to get in line. Literally. We’re not kidding: Alignment is one of the most overlooked elements of the successful golf foundation, and while there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re solid from shoulders to knees when digging into your practice routine, this new product from SKLZ will get Dad dialed in through the bag thanks to an ingenious “slider” mechanism that shows the proper ball position from driver through sand wedge. Fold-out bars line up perpendicular to the target, with circles and lines designed to get the ball the proper distance from your torso and hands, while the main bar has a series of lines that correspond to the right stance width for each club; just slide it back and forth with one foot depending on the stick you pull, set your feet and the ball square to the markers, and start swinging. The Set-Up Trainer helps you get more power, distance and precision out of every club. Its unique design folds up for easy portability and stores in your golf bag. It’s lightweight, portable, easy to use and stores in your bag.

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This putting training aid looks, straightforward at first, but it’ll take some effort and detailed instruction-following to get acquainted with the concept behind it. And you’ll need to carve out a chunk of a decent-sized practice green at your favorite local track, plus plenty of time to experiment. Hopefully your fellow practicers will give you the space you need — or, better yet, invite them to join in the fun.

Every U-Power packet comes with three U-shaped plastic devices that are placed around the hole in a position that’s “square” to the break you’ve determined for the putt at hand, using both your own feel and a tee-and-string method to find the initial line off the putterface. The less break, the larger-radius “U” you use — 24-inch radius for 1-12 inches of break; 18-inch radius for 13-36 inches of break and 12-inch radius for more than 36 inches of break. The U is secured with three tees placed through small holes positioned so allow an extra quarter-inch of space on  the high side of the cup, thereby essentially making the target larger than its 4 ¼-inch diameter; the idea behind this is getting the player attuned to what angle a perfect putt will approach the hole given the break which, in turn, puts the entire circumference of the cup into play. The ultimate goal is to see the ball fall dead-center of the U, no matter where that “center” is in relation to where you’re putting from. If you happen to miss it on the “pro” or high side, gravity will kick in to lead your ball home. It’ll take several dedicated practice sessions of at least an hour each to put those three U-shaped aids to work — and turn yourself into a world-class grean reader.

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Just in time for your first round of the season, TomTom offers its newest golfers smartwatch, the ultra-slim TomTom Golfer 2. This easy-to-use, unobtrusive GPS-enabled watch is designed to help all types of golfers improve their game with new features including Automatic Shot Detection to see at a glance how far you’ve hit each ball, show your distance potential, and create a detailed post-round analysis on the compatible MySports app to identify improvements for next time. The Golfer 2 retains its most useful golf-centric features including actual yardage distance to greens and hazards based off of the players exact location. Golfer 2 also includes Auto Scorecard, to keep perfect score automatically and categorize the kind of shots taken for analysis afterwards.

The TomTom Golfer 2 uses graphics to easily visualize the best approach to the green, giving precise distances to front and back of the hazards on more than 40,000 courses worldwide. And you’ll Receive course updates wirelessly from your smartphone, plus sync your sessions The device is simple to use, with a battery that lasts 11 hours in GPS mode. Sleek, lightweight, water-resistant and durable for long-lasting comfort — weather and water resistant to 40 meters — it works well both on and off the course.

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SkyTrak, a joint venture of SkyGolf and SportTrak, offers Father’s Day savings of over $500 on “Tee Off” and “Hole-in-One” packages available through June 30, 2016 with special coupon codes.

The SkyTrak “Tee Off” Package includes the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, SkyTrak Protective Case, and the WGT Play & Improve Package for $1,995.95, a savings of over $300.

The SkyTrak “Hole-in-One” Package includes the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, Net Returns Pro Series Net, Net Returns 6×6 Home Turf Mat, SkyTrak Protective Case, and WGT Play & Improve Package for $2,594.95, a savings of over $550.

The SkyTrak Launch Monitor is a complete practice, play and entertainment system for golf at home. While entertaining, it’s also a serious tool that accurately reflects the golfer’s actual skill level and shot results to provide year-round practice, play and game improvement without ever leaving home. It accurately captures thousands of data points from a golfer hitting balls with their own clubs into a net to simulate practice and play as if you were on the course or practice tee. Combined with an app and iPad or PC, the wi-fi enabled SkyTrak captures the actual ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin and side angle to project the ball flight over a vivid 3D practice range and virtual golf course. SkyTrak also offers various challenges for engaging practice such as closest to the pin, longest drive and targets. It’s easy to use, compact, totally portable with no wires required, and highly accurate, so improvements the golfer sees in their swing at home are improvements they can take to the course.

The Play and Improve Package offers everything you need to practice, play and have great fun with SkyTrak. It includes Game Improvement Software that adds significantly more game improvement features, challenges and progress tracking to make you better and have more fun. It also includes WGT (World Golf Tour) closest-to-the-hole challenges and full course play. the Closest-to-the-Hole Challenges are easy, fast and fun and allow you to play an entertaining 9 holes closest-to-the-hole challenge, on 18 of the world’s most famous golf courses. The Full Course Play features 10 world renowned courses.

SkyTrak users also have the option to upload their practice and play data to the SkyGolf 360 cloud service for storage, analysis and sharing with friends via the new SkyGolf 360 App, and enjoy the benefits of being part of the fast-growing online community of passionate golfers via integration with popular social networks.



There’s nothing more American than a gold old golf joke, especially if uttered in the middle of your buddy’s backswing. Running out of new material? Look no further than these tomes coming down the pike just in time for summer golfin’ guffaws.

“FOOOOORE!” — Less than 10% of the American population plays golf while much of the non-golfing 90% continues to be intimidated by the game.

Even the most basic golf terms can be baffling to the uninitiated who may never learn more than how to keep score (birdie, par, bogey, etc.) before giving up the game, still feeling like outsiders.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal talks about the dilemma: “Americans Want to Play Golf Until They Try It.”

Now, here’s a crash course with universal appeal to help your readers get up to speed on golf terms in just 10 minutes.

“FOOOOORE!” is an illustrated glossary of basic golf terms which will help dispel the mysteries surrounding the game. Readers will recognize why shooting a bogey, hitting out of the rough, or recovering from a fried egg lie can strike terror into the hearts of the hardiest golfers. Non-golfers will also learn what it means to shoot an ace and read the break on the green, as well as figure out why fairways aren’t really that fair.

“FOOOOORE!” was written as a humorous accompaniment to Season One of Caddie Tales for the 99 Percenters, a book of fiction inspired by interviews with caddies at top golf destinations around the world. Caddie Tales for the 99 Percenters will be formally launched on Father’s Day 2016, offering stories to entertain golfers and non-golfers alike. The upcoming series/feature film has a release date scheduled for Christmas 2016.

Click here to view excerpts of the book.

Absolutely Hilarious Adult Golf Joke Book — The Team at in Auckland, New Zealand offers one of the best selling new releases in the sports humor with Absolutely Hilarious Adult Golf Joke Book, now available on Amazon.

This R rated Golf Joke book features jokes starring everyone from John Daly to Donald Trump to Sam Snead. If you’re like certain Golf Tips editors who can never remember the punch line much less make a four-foot downhill putt, this is the bag-stuffer for you; just whip it out, turn to any page and get the laughs flying.

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