Showcase: Ping G15 and i15

Ping's latest sticks: The G15 and i15 drivers and irons

PING G15 & i15
This year, PING celebrated 50 years of delivering groundbreaking golf equipment. Recently, they unveiled their most comprehensive product offering in company history. Their headlining G15 and i15 Series drivers and irons incorporate attributes for two distinct types of players.

The new G15 driver is a 460cc titanium powerhouse, constructed with PING’s ultrathin crown technology and external weighting for a higher trajectory with lower spin. As for the stick, the new PING TFC 149D shaft has a high balance point that enabled designers to add an extra five grams of head mass without beefing up the swing weight.

The clubface is a tad bigger than the previous G10 driver for even greater forgiveness and more power behind the ball for great distance. Oh, and the new red/black combo offers the best-looking cosmetics we’ve ever seen from PING. Fairway woods and hybrids also available (not shown).

-All-titanium 460cc design
-Made for all skill levels, with emphasis on high-launch, low-spin drives; draw version also available
-PING TFC 149D or Aldila Serrano 60
-$350 MSRP
BOTTOM LINE: The G15 takes all that was great about the G10 and adds improved performance, aesthetics and a killer sound.

Game improvement has never looked better, as the new G15 irons are built to promote an aggressive, high launch for maximum distance and accuracy. Made of stainless steel with a Custom Tuning Port (CTP), the G15 irons have wide soles to prevent digging and also aid in promoting a higher ballflight. Cool looking and with awesome forgiveness, the G15 irons are sure to be a bona fide hit (2010 USGA-conforming grooves).

-Available 3-PW in steel or graphite shafts
-MSRP $115/club steel; $142/club graphite
BOTTOM LINE: In a nutshell, the G15s have better looks and mid/long irons that are crazy easy to hit.

Made with a “fade-bias,” the i15 is designed for players who need shot shaping capabilities from a driver. Its 460cc’s are masked nicely by a traditional pear shape and deep face, both of which help promote a better energy transfer into the ball. Also, internal weights away from the face knock spin rates down for a more Tour-like trajectory and control. Needless to say, despite its effort at being a better player’s driver, the i15 still retains a measurable level of distance and forgiveness that many other Tour-inspired drivers simply don’t have. Fairway woods and hybrids also available (not shown).

-All-titanium 460cc design
-Designed for players who want to maneuver the ball and hook less often
-PING TFC 700D or UST AXIVCore Tour Red shafts
-MSRP $405
BOTTOM LINE: Smooth carbon finish is awesome, and the club is wickedly responsive to ballflight commands. Fades and draws have never been easier with a 460cc driver.

Designed to progressively get more forgiving as the irons get longer, the new i15 Irons are midsized irons with the ideal blend of shotmaking capabilities and forgiveness. How do they do it? One way is by making the longer irons larger, and the shorter irons smaller. Also included is a titanium toe weight and a Custom Tuning Port located in the cavity that not only dampens vibration, but enhances sound and feel, too (2010 USGA-conforming grooves).

-Available in 3-PW in steel or graphite shafts
-MSRP $115/club steel; $142/club graphite
BOTTOM LINE: The titanium plug really gives these irons a balanced feel. Although not a true “Tour-inspired” iron when compared to PING’s S57s, the i15s have the best blend of both shotmaking capabilities and forgiveness we’ve seen in a long time.

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