Health Tip: Stay Focused!

What are several PGA Tour players drinking during their rounds? Find out right here.


Amino Vital: Focus Zone_Ê_Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Staying hydrated on the golf course is important_Ê if you want to stay physically and mentally strong for the entire round._Ê Drinking water is a great way to stay hydrated, but it doesn’t do much more_Ê than that. As far as energy replenishments, those sugary or caffeinated drinks_Ê can adversely affect the nerves and your energy levels in a roller coaster_Ê fashion, starting with ascending highs and crashing lows. What you need out_Ê there is a drink that hydrates you and with the help of complex amino acids to_Ê keep your mind in the game and your muscles replenished.

Enter the_Ê Focus Zone. Amino Vital, makers of Focus Zone, developed a popular drink_Ê additive used by countless professional athletes (including a big handful of_Ê PGA Tour players) that’s designed to support mental focus and prevent muscle_Ê breakdown. Using a mix of electrolytes and amino acids (two things your body_Ê needs to stay strong) and without any added chemicals, sugars and caffeine,_Ê Focus Zone mixes easily with water to provide instant refreshment. Just_Ê dissolve a packet in a water bottle and you’re good to go. Unlike caffeinated_Ê drinks, there’s no jolts, peaks and valleys with Focus Zone. Instead what_Ê you’ll get is steady muscle recovery and improved mental focus. And by the_Ê way, it’s a “clean” drink additive, that’s both safe and legal for_Ê professional athletes to consume.

To check it out, visit www.aminovitalstore.com_Ê for information on Focus Zone and other products from Amino Vital. _

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