Putters 2018: Flux Unity

flux unity putter

Controlling spin on a golf ball, especially putts, is a big issue for even the best players. Most putter strikes have some form of side spin and backspin that take the ball off the intended line. Flux Unity is the first effort from a golf design studio and proven innovator in face insert technology. The “ambidextrous” double-face putter breaks a long-standing performance barrier in 2018 with DARtech. The patent-pending and USGA-conforming putter face geometry produces positive RPM (topspin) instantly upon striking. In other words, Flux offers performance through tech, not technique.

Traditionally, pro golfers and low handicap players have overcome the natural tendency for the ball to spin backwards off the club face with stroke styles that change the attack angle of the club. DARtech now offers the ability for all players to experience the same benefits of overspin combined with launch angle consistency without having to change their stroke.

Then there’s Flux’s FloW8 twist resist technology — 10 grams of 303 stainless were yanked and replaced with 30 grams of Tungsten…all in the toe. The redistributed weight resists twisting at contact, especially off-center strikes, and reacts as though it has a much higher MOI. This promotes an unencumbered stroke release on a consistent path regardless of player’s arch or distance to the target. Finally, Flux’s counter balanced grip is refined to optimize the player’s swing path. The putter is available this spring in black or brushed stainless with a polymer or stainless steel “Directional Angular Rotation” face insert. The face has two degrees of loft and shaft length is a standard 35 inches.

Lead Design Engineer J.A. Bergquist has made “The Quest for the Perfect Roll” his mantra for over a decade, and his over 40 production putter designs have borne results with wins on the PGA, LPGA, Champions and Web.Com tours. “With FLUX, I feel like this journey to create consistent roll in a golf ball has come to its nexus,” states Bergquist. “Years of innovation have led to this point: the most balanced and consistent putter we have ever brought to life.”


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