Putters 2018: Odyssey Toulon Atlanta

odyssey toulon atlanta putter

Already a proven winner on Tour, the Odyssey Toulon Atlanta design is a mid-sized mallet, fully milled with a multi-material aluminum sole plate. The shaping is beautiful, it’s very forgiving and easy to align, and with both a face balanced and a toe hang option, there’s one to fit your stroke.

Every head is milled from a solid block of soft 303 stainless steel. Every curve, radius and line is painstakingly rendered. The face alone takes 40 minutes to mill. The “contact patch” at the center of the face incorporates diamond crosshatch grooves that form a pattern on the face that strategically channels vibration to promote a uniquely satisfying sound and feel. The putter’s headweight is easily increases or reduced by installing the aluminum, stainless or tungsten sole plate; on the grip end, SuperStroke offers the option of installing a 25g or 50g counterbalance plug into the butt-end. Configuring the sole plate/counterbalance in different weight combinations create a variety of ways to customize the putter’s feel and fit every style of release, whether moderate or aggressive.

When Callaway acquired Toulon in 2016, it was a big leap for both companiesa. Sean Toulon has been a student and practitioner of club design since joining the golf industry more than 30 years ago. He founded Zevo Golf in the 1990s and was a driving force behind some of the most innovative and iconic metalwoods, irons and putters introduced since the turn of the century. He founded Toulon Design in 2015; he now serves as Callaway’s senior vice president/general manager of putters.


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