Buyers Guide 2017: Bag Boy Bags & Carts

Bag Boy Bag With Top-LokBag Boy, part of the Dynamic Brands family of products, is showcasing a unique and functional cool bag-to-cart attachment system that they’ve dubbed TOP-LOK Technology, on new 2017 models of certain carts and bags. The system is designed to securely lock a Bag Boy bag onto one of the company’s push carts, creating a seamless “ecosystem” that helps streamline the walking golfer’s experience and enhance enjoyment of the game.

“This patented design prevents the bag from twisting or turning, eliminating the need for cart straps,” said Pat Gallagher, Product Manager. “We wanted to create a secure attachment that was lacking in the traditional brackets and straps method.  The benefit with TOP-LOK is your bag will no longer twist and turn, requiring readjustment in the middle of your round.” TOP-LOK works by opening the upper bag bracket paddles on the Bag Boy push cart. Then lift up the bag and slide it from the top down into the upper cart bracket. The bag bracket fits like a puzzle piece into the cart’s upper bag bracket.

The newest models of the Bag Boy push carts (2016+), the Tri Swivel II, Compact 3 and Quad XL, and bags (2017+) Chiller Cart Bag and Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag, include the patented TOP-LOK Technology. Any cart or stand bag can fit on a newer Bag Boy push cart with TOP-LOK, however the traditional bracket and straps would need to be used.

Founded in 1946, The Bag Boy Company celebrates over 70 years as one of the most respected brands in golf by building a reputation for unmatched quality, unbelievable durability and unsurpassed innovation and design.

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