Buyers Guide 2017: SkyCaddie Rangefinders

SkyCaddie Rangefinders-TouchSkyGolf offers perhaps more models of SkyCaddie rangefinders models and levels of rangefinding fun and functionality than any other major company, but for 2017 let’s zero in on a handful of their newest offerings in the handheld and watch departments.

Start with the SkyCaddie TOUCH ($299.95), the flagship of SkyCaddie’s new product lineup, featuring a glove-friendly touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity to provide golfers with the ultimate user experience and convenience when coupled with a free mobile app. The TOUCH features a 3-inch high-resolution, color display that shows 35,000 preloaded, high-definition maps in TV-line fidelity. TOUCH provides easy access to the most reliable, most accurate, and up-to-date course maps in the game without hooking up a cable to your computer. Just use your mobile device with our new SkyGolf 360 app to keep your favorite course up-to-date with ease. After your round, upload your scores instantly to the SkyGolf Cloud for analysis of your game. Interactive HoleVue offers an eagle’s view of the entire hole, revealing the distances you need to avoid hazards and play smart golf from tee to green. IntelliGreen Technology displays the exact shape of the green from your angle of approach. Get front carry and back distances, depth of green, and distances to any other point on the green — simultaneously. TrueGround Targets displays a list of distances up to 40 points per hole, to hazards, bunkers, water, carries and layups located ahead from your position on the hole. Finally, dynamic RangeVue arcs overlay fairway landing areas and greens to allow you to select the best club for every shot much more quickly. The lithium-ion polymer battery lasts for up to 12 hours.

SkyCaddie Rangefindres-GameTrackerLINX GT GameTracking Edition ($349.95) is Golf’s first GPS rangefinder and shot tracking watch with synchronized mobile app — a standalone GPS watch that features SkyGolf’s best-in-class TrueGround Course Maps, preloaded to provide golfers with distances they know they can trust. For those looking to get the most from their game, featherweight RFID SmartTags can install on your clubs in seconds. The SmartTags are used to identify each club in your bag so that the LINX GT watch and SkyCaddie Mobile can track the exact club used, distance and location of each shot. Here you’ll see your round displayed on brilliant HD course maps. You’ll know how far you hit every club in your bag, where you hit each shot, resulting in better game management and lower scores. Don’t want to use tags for every round? The SkyCaddie LINX GT includes automatic shot tracking just in case you forget to tag a shot, which runs in the background while you play. All of your game tracking data wirelessly uploads to your “My 360” account in the SkyGolf 360™ Cloud. Once uploaded, you can review your round from any mobile or desktop device, without the need for a cable. Want to make an edit to a shot or add club information? SkyCaddie’s simple One-Touch Editing system makes this extremely quick and easy. The watch is preloaded with 35,000 TrueGround course maps, ready-to-play, worldwide, with accurate distances to bunkers, carries, water, creeks, end of fairway and many more preloaded. IntelliGreen and TargetPoint are on board, too. Move the cursor to any point on the hole and get critical information you need to layup in front of, or carry hazards.

SkyCaddie Rangefinders - SW2 WatchThe SkyCaddie SW2 ($179.95) is the next generation of the bestselling SkyCaddie Watch. With a slimmer design, extended battery life and built- in Bluetooth Smart technology, the SW2 is ideal for golfers looking for quick distances to the front, center and back of each green. Get instant yardages quickly and easily without aiming a laser, overshooting the pin or guessing. The SW2 will give you yardages to the green, even if you can’t see it. Only SkyGolf walks every course with professional-grade survey equipment to create original course maps, accurate within one yard. The SW2 is lightweight, flexible and a comfortable everyday sport watch that just happens to provide superior performance on the golf course. A built-in odometer tracks location, distance, time, laps, speed, pace and calories burned during walks, runs or bike rides.

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