Drivers 2019: Knuth Golf High Heat

knuth golf high heat 2019

Armed with Knuth’s patent-pending Optimal CG Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies — which expands the sweet spot to basically the entire face by reducing the average thickness of the toe and heel areas by 30 to 40 percent — the High Heat driver produces ball speeds of 1.41 times the average swing speed (known as the “smash factor”) compared to the major brands’ average of 1.3. That translated into more than 20 yards extra distance, and the data is similar for the 3-metal too.

In fact, the 1.41 smash factor produced in High Heat’s tests on toe and heel strikes surpassed MyGolfSpy’s 50,000 center-strike tests of other drivers.

How did Knuth achieve this eye-opening (and smile-inducing) increase in power? By taking the USGA’s recent changes to the “CT” rule — the amount of time a ball can stay on the face of a club, from 257 to 275 microseconds, sometimes called the trampoline effect — and pushed those numbers toward the High Heat’s perimeter, to an average of 267 on the toe and 266 on the heel. That’s why Knuth has dubbed High Heat’s full-hot-face effect “257+ Technology.”


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