Cleanwell Keeps Gear Germ-Free

Environmentally Friendly Products Are Perfect For Golfers


Think about it, because most of us don’t: Golf clubs and balls collect bacteria, strange smells, and dirt as they accompany you through each round. That’s where Cleanwell products come in so handy, with no deficit to the planet.

There’s all kinds of stuff out there, from fertilizer to, uh, animal leavings, that inevitably find their way onto the tools of the trade. Regularly cleaning your sports equipment will keep your health in check and your equipment in better shape, and with CleanWell’s crop of chemical-free cleaning products, it won’t harm the environment, either.

They include hand sanitizing wipes for your hands, club faces or the balls themselves, and alcohol-free sprays that are also worth keeping in the bag, with a couple scents to choose from.

Golf Tips reviewers have used the wipes and spray through the summer to keep their all-important implements gleaming, gunk-free and ready for the battle for birdie, and now we’re breathing easy with no worries of exposure illness-causing residue.

Plus, by keeping, say, golf balls clean, if there are any in your carry-on luggage when you head home, you won’t set off security alarms.

Trust us, it has happened thanks to fertilizer traces.

Oh yeah, CleanWell products work all over the house, too, so chuck that ancient chemical-laden stuff and get clean without the harmful footprint.

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