Buyers Guide 2017: TLink Golf GPS Watch

TLink Golf WatchesCanadian company TLINK Golf has rolled out an updated version of what it calls “World’s Lightest GPS Golf Watch,” as comfortable as it is incredibly thin and ergonomically designed. Its GPS technology allows golfers to determine the front, middle and back portion of the green — and with the new upgrade, golfers can measure distances to hazard yardages to bunkers, water, layups and more. Says founder/CEO Derek Rucki, “The new GPS measurement is only one new feature of many — for example the live streaming of golf round progress or live steaming of a run, hike, workout and more.” It creates a completely different golf experience. It can allow coaches to monitor their players progress on the course in real time or just let you brag to your friends about your round that is currently being played at a premier course. “In addition, the new updates on the new TLINK allows you to view your fitness stats right on your wrist without the app needing to be opening. When you do open the app you can view all of your saved fitness activity over time. TLink also will have a new added music control feature while on a run or during a workout. “And, for a little fun and competition, the TLINK tracks fitness leaderboards and goals that are set to compete against friends,” added Rucki. The TLINK database offers 30,000-plus courses and growing. It’s weather resistant and boasts five-round battery life. Another bonus? It’s readable in direct sunlight. You can also attach it to a belt with the included adapter. Finally, you won’t find these many features at a comparable price.

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