Buyers Guide 2017: Cure Putters

Cure Putters Rx4In 2016, Golf Tips made no secret of its love-at-first-putt, near-obsession with Florida-based Cure Putters. One editor put the CX2 in his bag and there it remains, still leading the way to more made eight-footers than previously imagined possible. And he’s not alone; several Cure models are showing up on The PGA Champions Tour and gaining traction on the regular tours as well. Why? Because they simply, efficiently get the ball rolling on line, with virtually no twisting at impact.

From the original RX1 to the new putters introduced at the PGA Show including CX3 mallet and RX series — with three oversized models to choose from — they perform well based on two physics-driven ideas: Heavier is better, and adjustability (via removable weights on each putter’s trailing, outer wings) is key.

“We have the best R&D team in the business and they are always looking for new ways to raise the bar, and we’ve been fortunate to work with a ton of tour players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour this year who believe in our technology,” said Jim McCarthy, Cure CEO. “We have also tested thousands of amateur players and all of the groups of have given us some valuable feedback which allowed us to fine tune certain aspects of our designs and further expand our offering to meet the needs of a wider range of players.”

The CX3 mallet is the newest evolution of the Cure Classic Series line — an appeling and familiar mallet shape with extremely high MOI and 48g of weight adjustability via eight removable, 6g weight screws. The CX3 can be set up between 360 and 408g. The head is 100% precision milled in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum and has large tungsten weights in the heel and toe, giving the slightly oversized profile a higher MOI than comparable mallets, adding tremendous stability throughout the stroke and incredible forgiveness on mishits. The CX3 is available in both center-shafted and heel-shafted versions and is face balanced with 2.5° of loft and a spiral-milled face that delivers a great feel and excellent roll. The three putters in the new RX Series continue the original “double pontoon” look and also boast high MOI.

Golf Tips gave the RX5 — the largest model with a 6-inch-long head — a spin at the PGA Show, knocking 20-footers tight in quick and impressive fashion and getting used to the maxed-out weight with every smooth, stable stroke. The upshot? Better distance and directional control and improved consistency. It’s a snap to dial in the perfect fit and feel to suit your stroke and tempo. The 2017 RX Series features an updated look with new alignment lines and black hardware. Get fit for whatever Cure Putter feels right, and you’ll find it gets the ball rolling sooner, helping it stay on the intended line. Their innovative design takes several problematic variables out of the equation and offers incredible forgiveness and control for tighter shot dispersion.

Putting is confidence. Fear is the enemy. This is the weapon, and the cure, you need.

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