Hot Golf Times In Scottsdale (And Phoenix)

Winter Is Wonderful, But It Rocks Year-Round

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Tempus fugit, as the Romans uttered – and, as proof, it’s already that fabled time of year when Arizona transforms itself from the world’s largest outdoor sauna into a golfer’s Valhalla, especially in and around Phoenix, and more specifically, Scottsdale. There are likely more good golf holes around these here parts than anywhere in the Western Hemisphere – hell, make that the entire giddy globe!

Not that we’re revealing a well-kept secret or anything – Canadian snowbirds have been flocking to the desert annually come November and staying until spring for decades now. And the smart (make that “big”) money has been buying fairway-adjacent second and third homes in the area for quite a while as well.

Come here during the summer and those homes might as well be occupied by the ghosts of golf past. But there are surefire signs of life in the fall that will keep on burning until the snow melts in Calgary, Cleveland, and points beyond.

Speaking of the ancients, it was Heraclitus who said that when you step into a river twice, you’ve stepped into two different rivers. Same can be said for Scottsdale, which keeps morphing into a more desirable recreational and cultural escape with every season.

Golf resort properties keep sprouting anew or getting the old renovation once-over. The culinary scene has evolved from green-chile-or-red into a diverse and modern smorgasbord; and the sense of vibrant, urban excitement in the midst of natural beauty is unmatched almost anywhere.

We recently had a chance to visit the area and sample some of the new and revised wares and came away hungry for more.

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