Reach Your Golf Milestones 2020, Part 2

Spring Into Action And Get Ahead Of The Game

The 2020 Golf Season is right around the corner. With courses in many parts of the country opening soon, you need to be on top of your game now. Reaching your milestones early in the season is possible and requires just a little effort as your course opens for play.

milestones 2020 break 100BREAKING 100

Do You Know How to Read a Green?

Your ability to make more putts relies on your ability to determine how far a putt must travel, as well as in what direction the ball will curve to as it approaches the hole. At your current skill level, the subtleties of greens are harder to see. As your experience level grows, so will your ability to see the smaller details of green reading.

Until then, here is an easy way to determine in which direction, and how much a ball will curve when you putt:

  • Stand behind the ball in a direct line with the hole.
  • Now imagine you have a bucket of water in your hand. Pretend you will toss the water out of the bucket on the straight line to the hole.
  • Which way did the water go, left or right? That’s the direction your putt will break.
  • Now determine where the water started turning. Take that place and move that point in the opposite direction (e.g., if the water moved to the left, you’re going to look to the right) until you can see the water pouring into the hole;
  • It’s at that point where you want to hit a straight putt. Allow the hill to curve the ball to the hole, just like it did with the water from your bucket.

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