How To Avoid That Golf Hazard

Don’t Get Nervous—Get Aggressive To Clear The Junk

golf hazard opener

golf hazard 1-3Here we are facing one of the hardest shots facing any player: A 60-yard shot to the green, with a dreaded golf hazard in front and a bunker behind that. It’s a shot that takes a lot of commitment.

Some players will go by the front of the green yardage — how far to just get over the hazard — when what I recommend is taking all of that out of play. Play the number to the back of the green. If you play it long, oh well — you’re not in the hazard or bunker and give yourself a chance to save bogey or perhaps par if you make a good putt.

Again, play the yardage to the back of the green with a good, aggressive swing. If you quit on it, you most certainly will get in the hazard or bunker. So go after it and play the longer distance!

Caleb Martin is Head Professional at Grizzly Ranch Golf Club in Portola, California

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