Golf Tips Classic: Slice No More

Say Adios To The Banana Ball Once And For All

Editor’s Note: In this timeless lesson, PGA teaching professional Jeff Ritter offers a fail-safe roadmap for finally realizing the most sought-after words in golf: Slice No More.

1. Align & Visualize

To draw the ball,the first thing you need to have is the right image. Begin by setting your sights on a spot to the right of your target. This is your starting line. Now, imagine your ball beginning on that line (illustrated in white, above) and curving left, back to the target. Visualizing your shot will send valuable information to your muscles and help turn that image into a reality.

When setting up for a hook, it’s a good idea to close your stance a touch, as well. (Note how my left foot is slightly closer to the ball than my right.)

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