Finish Factors

Look to the finish to end sliced shots

finish factors Finish Factors
One of the best indicators of a good golf swing is the finish. If there’s balance when the swing is over, it means there was probably balance during the swing. Often, players who slice do so because they don’t finish correctly. See the photo of the finish below? Not only did my arms collapse and my feet remain flat, but I didn’t make a full body turn. This bad finish is due to the excessive tension in my hands and arms that restricted the proper body movement.

Getting in a full and relaxed finish position is a must so you can learn to synchronize the hands and arms with the body and to control the clubface at impact. Look at my key finish factors and see what it takes to finish the golf swing the right way. Then, try using a full-length mirror and see if your finish position matches mine!

Pam Wright, LPGA, teaches at the We-Ko-Pa Golf Club in Scottsdale, Ariz. For more information, visit Pam online at

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