How To Play Target Golf

Shots that will help you better navigate target-style golf courses


Low + Slow

The best way to get more accurate with your woods and hybrids is to focus more on centeredness of contact. One of the more common problems I see with these clubs is, many golfers feel they need to lift the club up with their hands and hit down on the ball–again, with the hands. And while a slight angle of descent is preferred with your woods and a steeper angle is better with your hybrids, you don’t want to get too steep that you end up chopping down on the golf ball and hitting it fat, thin or who knows what.

Think of having a “low and slow” takeaway to ensure you don’t get too steep and run into trouble.

Set up wide and ready to take the club back low to the ground, at least for the first quarter of the golf swing.

As you can see, my wrists haven’t even begun to hinge, indicating I’ve done a great job at staying “low and slow.”

I’m hinging my wrists here, but it’s nowhere near fully hinged. A good key to remember is, once the hands reach waist-high, the shaft should be parallel to the ground.

Don’t completely ignore the hinge. Just save it for later in the swing! You’ve already made a long, wide backswing, so all that’s left is to be patient at the top and let the swing uncoil.

Move Through It

The swing doesn’t end at impact! If you want to make more solid contact, the body must continue to work, even after you make contact with the ball. How so? Well, the swing is a series of connected events. And sometimes, where you are after impact indicates how well you were positioned at impact. So is the case when you use your body to get the clubhead on the ball, not your hands. If you get “flippy,” as you can see by the above photo, you’ll look like this through the shot. This isn’t good.

Don’t Slouch

If you’re like most of us (even me!), your posture is frequently overlooked. Unfortunately, for many, we tend to get too comfortable over the ball, and usually when we get more comfy, it means we start slouching and arching the back. This is deadly if you want to start hitting consistent golf shots! Once you slouch, you make it difficult to hit shots from an athletic position. Instead, stand up straight! Keep the back straight (not rigid, just straight), the knees flexed slightly, and try to retain your posture through your swing.

By the way, at impact, the spine doesn’t look the same as it does at setup. The reason is, at impact we aren’t just leaning forward, we’re leaning to the side. Nonetheless, there should still be some tilt of the spine toward the ball.

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