Practice Like A Pro

PGA Tour Vet Kevin Streelman Shows How It’s Done


I see this improper stance all the time. The clubface is square to the target (that’s the easy part), but the feet also are aiming at the target, a mistake made by several of my partners during pro-am events. What this stance structure does is promote a vicious over-the-top, swiping move that likely results in a snap hook or a big, bellowing slice. To fix the problem, practice your stance position correctly by aiming the clubface at the target and the body to the left of the target. (Think of the old railroad-ties analogy with the clubhead on one rail and your feet on the other.) This will help you swing more on plane and through the ball instead of down and across it. And by the way, I practice my alignment all the time, as do many of my peers. It sets up the entire golf swing.

If you look closely, you can see that the two orange sticks aren’t exactly parallel. That’s not a mistake! If you’re going to err one way or another, have your stance slightly open as opposed to slightly closed. When you’re open, your body is more prone to making a fuller turn and rotation, two things you need to make a good extension and to strike the ball consistently. Experiment with what stance works for you and practice picking your primary target, which is the line your clubhead should be on. Then, consider choosing a second target to which your body aligns. You’ll soon see that better alignment is the quickest way to start hitting straighter and more repeatable golf shots.


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