Your Golf Short Game Cheat Sheet

A Fundamental Fix-It Guide Suitable for Bookmarking

Learning all the golf shots can be confusing even for the most analytical individual, especially when it comes to the nuances of the all-important inside-50-yards game. This Short Game Cheat Sheet  deals with simple ways to understand the very complex parts of the game and even gives you a reason to bookmark it on your smart phone or tablet and refer to it when you lose your way. And remember, don’t cheat for real!

short game cheat sheet chippingCHIPPING

NO Wrist Hinge — Used to Keep the Ball on the Ground

  • Ball in-line with your rear toe (Photo 1)
  • Aim the blade first and the body second
  • Hands pressed just to the outside of the forward leg (Photo 2)
  • All the weight starts and stays on the forward foot throughout the motion
  • Use a shoulder dominated putting motion with no wrist action back or through
  • Maintain the rear wrist bend into the finish position (Photo 3)

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