The Key To Clean Chipping Contact

No Sitting Around When There’s SOLID Chip Shots To Be Made

clean chipping contact openerInconsistency in chipping is one of the game’s great bugaboos, leading to all sorts of issues around the green — skulls, tops, chunks — that ultimately do serious damage to your scorecard. The secret to striking the ball the way you want to, again and again? Let’s just say this: Maintaining your “lean” is the true key to clean chipping contact. And all you need to groove this move is a simple folding chair.




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As in the regular swing, the set-up is critical to hitting a solid shot. One of the key set up fundamentals for chipping that I like to teach is a forward “lean” with 60 percent favoring your front leg. Other elements related to a good set up involve ball position and stance. I like to have the ball positioned center to slightly back with a relatively narrow and slightly open stance (Photo 1).

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