Beat The Dreaded Middle-Distance Pitch Shot

‘March’ Into Rhythm And Relax!

Many golfers consider the middle-distance pitch shot — those around 50 to 75 yards — among the hardest in golf. In my experience with this shot, students struggle with it because they’re nervous and tend to shut down the lower body.

middle-distance pitch shot 1-3

The key to these shots is making sure your tempo and timing of the parts is there. I like my students to picture “marching” into the ball so you can feel your weight moving right and left. You feel the rhythm. As you do that right-left, right-left and begin to swing the club, you get a cadence going, as I’m demonstrating in Photos 1-3. Then take some practice swings and, without lifting your feet, you can get that same right (backswing)-left (forward swing) cadence to match. Transfer that marching feeling to your actual swing will keep your lower body active and moving toward the target (Photos 4-6). You’ll be much more successful with this sometimes difficult pitch.

middle-distance pitch shot 4-6

Tom Morton is Director of Player Development at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, California, and co-director of the Morton Golf Foundation

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