Jordan Spieth

Key positions that unlock the secret to Jordan's success

Jordan Spieth is one of the up-and-comers on the PGA TOUR. What’s so amazing is the consistency Jordan has displayed since his breakout on Tour. He seems to be in contention every week. How does this young talent get it done? For starters, he embodies an unbelievable golf swing. Golf Tips Top-25 Instructor John Stahlschmidt will break down five key positions that unlock the secret to Jordan’s success.

1. The obvious point here is how much shoulder turn Jordan has achieved with minimal hip turn. This will provide an unbelievable burst of speed during the downswing and thru impact. Most golfers strive to get their shoulders turned 90 degrees and the hips 45 degrees or so. Speith is working with an insane 90/25 ratio. That’s crazy good!

2. Judging by this photo, you can see that Jordan has initiated his downswing move by shifting his weight to his left side and bracing his left leg. You can clearly see in what direction his momentum is moving, which is toward the target. Also, check out the 90-degree angle he’s holding between the clubshaft and his left arm. That’s what you want.

3. This position is a staple of touring professionals. Notice how much separation has been created between Jordan’s hips and shoulders. This is necessary in order to create speed through the hitting area, which Jordan has plenty of, by the way.

4. At impact, Jordan has most of his weight on the lead foot. Also, I love how his glove logo is pointed at the target. This will ensure your ball will start on a good line.

5. Two things stand out to me here: Look at how Jordan is still tilted or has maintained his side bend to the right. This allowed his head to stay behind the ball thru impact. In reaction to the side bend, Jordan has released his lower body with a fully extended right arm. That’s very powerful!

6. Chicken wing? Nah…Retief Goosen has a similar action with his left arm, too. And even with a delayed release and folding of the hands, Jordan’s upper torso has rotated and is practically facing the target well before he finishes his swing. That’s serious flexibility.

7. The right hand is finally over the left, and again, Jordan demonstrates his powerful swing action. Just look at how he’s able to keep the arms and hands in front of his chest, even well after making contact with the golf ball.

8. Just like every other Tour pro, Jordan has all the weight posted on his lead foot. I also love the balanced look of his finish, indicating the swing was performed with good tempo.

John Stahlschmidt, PGA, is the Senior Head Instructor at the Tour Academy at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Verde Beach, Fla. Visit

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