Get Golf Fit For 2020, And Play Better

A Healther Body Means More Distance

golf fit artwork

Take a guess: what is the No. 1 thing 99% of the recreational golfers come to my lesson tee asking for?

If you said distance, you’d be correct.

Now, certainly a good coach can help you to some degree if there is a mechanical flaw that is causing a power leak. Power leaks are common among the amateur golfer. That said, if one were able to make the needed changes mechanically but the true motor of the motion wasn’t in order, the changed mechanics might, in fact, be useless. 

In my book The Six Spoke Approach to Golf (available on Amazon), my very first Spoke is “The Body.” The true motor of your golf motion is your body. If that motor is not in a sound working order (strength and flexibility), I wouldn’t bank on additional yardage. 

Let’s all start 2020 off the right way. Let’s get fit. Life fit, golf fit! Let’s lose those pounds that are slowing down our rotational skill and, of course, not good for our general health.

Let’s get toned. Let’s work on our core, legs, hands, wrists, and forearms. Let’s get more cardio fit. Let’s increase our general stamina/ endurance. Let’s just plan feel better about ourselves. 

I promise: If you present me a sound golf machine, we can program it to hit longer, crisper golf shots.

Tom Patri, PGA is founder of TP Golf Schools based at The Esplanade in Naples, Florida. Visit him at

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