Hit A Hybrid On Short Par 4s

Bag The Driver For Your Best Birdie Shot

We’ve all done it: Stepped up on the tee of a tantalizing, drivable par 4 (like the 4th hole at DeBell Golf Course in Burbank, California, shown above), pulled out the big dog and let ’er rip … with varying results. More often than not we miss the green or end up in a spot Read more…

Fairway Metal Mastery

From 3-Wood Through Hybrid, Follow These Basics To Get the Most Out of Your Longer Sticks

Technology has taken every club in the bag to new and amazing heights, but those just below the driver in length and head size — the fairway metal and the amazingly versatile hybrid — incorporate everything that’s good about modern materials and engineering. If employed properly, they can get you down the fairway and in Read more…

Storm The Fairway

Make solid contact with your fairway woods

The latest crop of new fairway woods that are primed for more powerful shots are all the rage this year.