Whip Up Your Perfect Driver Tempo

Smooth, repeatable timing and driver tempo from address through follow-through are crucial. Nailing down the right tempo for you leads to confidence over the ball, which leads to long, straight tee shots.

The popular Orange Whip training tool really helps with timing and tempo to have a solid, flowing motion through the whole swing sequence. Then I can carry that feeling to swinging an actual driver.

Whip Up Your Driver Tempo

In the first sequence of photos above, using the Orange Whip, I’m taking it back on the same pace from the backswing through the forward motion and hip turn. Once I’ve taken it to the top I’m trying to pause for a quick second, then release the downswing to get the whole body rotation through.

Then it’s onto the driver itself. In the sequence taken from the “face-on” position I take my stance, lining the ball up on the inside of my left heel. I want to focus on bringing it back as straight and square to the ball position as I can. I want a nice wide swing going back, and once I get all the way back, I’ll start bringing the club up and breaking my wrists to the top position, where I’ll start my downward motion, focusing on being able to get my shoulder and forearm underneath my chin at the top of the swing. With the downward motion, I want to focus on keeping my left arm as straight as possible on the downswing to start my rotation, along with turning my hips. At impact I focus on turning my wrists over with my arms, then up to my final position — transferring my weight from my right to my left, and getting my hips turn so I’m square to the target with my chest.

The second sequence of photos shows all the elements falling into place, with the club on plane, my hands and arms in a great position to strike the ball in rhythm and on a slightly upward strike, with my arms full extended after impact.

Marco Leoni is Head Golf Professional at Coral Canyon Golf Course in Washington, Utah

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