Indi Golf Offers Club Trade-In

Indi Golf's StingRay TT wedge.
Indi Golf’s StingRay TT wedge.

Indi Golf, design and manufacturer of high performance golf clubs, announces the launch of a new golf club trade-in program that allows golfers to receive credit and cash for unwanted clubs.

“We want to make it as easy as possible to purchase an Indi Golf wedge,” said Rob Lang, General Manager, Indi Golf. “Now you can easily trade in your clubs and receive credit towards new Indi Golf products. It’s a great way to get rid of clubs you no longer use and get some great wedges that will add more backspin around the green and lower your scores.”

The trade-in process is simple with an easy online trade-in form on the Indi Golf website. Golfers select the club they want to trade in and select its current condition. They can send in as many clubs as they wish, and Indi Golf pays for shipping.

Once the clubs are received and confirmed Indi Golf will issue a credit to be used for new Indi products. If there is a leftover credit after purchasing Indi products, the company will send cash.

Indi Golf offers its original StingRay wedges and its newly introduced StingRay TT wedges.


The StingRay TT wedges have been engineered with grooves which run along the entire length of the face to optimize launch, improve control, and increase spin. This design increases spin by 25 percent on a full swing and conforms to the Rules of Golf.

The original StingRay wedges features large open square grooves that increase spin by 50 percent and do not conform to the Rules of Golf, making them ideal for recreational golfers.

Both wedges feature Indi Golf’s proprietary ScoopBack design to create maximum forgiveness by moving mass higher in the face, and toward the toe. This optimizes the location of the club’s CG, making the head more stable on off-center contact, helping shots feel better, go straighter, spin more and end up closer to the hole. The ScoopBack design is not a muscle back or perimeter-weighted design but is a combination that brings the player the best of both worlds.

 Other features of the wedges designed to improve performance include:
  • ShortHosel — Creates discretionary weight that has been position higher in the face and more towards the toe, resulting in higher performance, better feel, and more forgiveness.
  • Optimized Bounce — Allows the head to glide through the turf yielding solid contact for the grooves to grab the ball and impart maximum spin while producing ideal launch conditions.
  • LaunchControl — A lower launch and higher spin combination allows golfers to be more aggressive and reduces the influence of elements on the ball.
  • Straight Leading Edge — Makes the wedge easier to align, giving a player more confidence and resulting in more consistent shots

“Our line of StingRay wedges will teach players what a great wedge game looks and feels like,” added Lang. “We have found that golfers can learn how great spin feels by using our StingRay wedge in practice rounds and then using our StingRay TT wedge in tournament play. This new trade-in program makes it a lot easier to justify purchasing both wedges!”

The StingRay TT wedge is available in lofts of 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60-degrees, and conforms with the Rules of Golf. The StingRay wedge is available in lofts of 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60-degrees, and does not conform with the Rules of Golf.

Priced at $159.99, the StingRay TT wedge is available for pre-sale at

All trade-ins are shipped and processed by Indi Golf’s fulfillment partner Swing’Em Again Golf. Trade-in value is determined by real-time aggregated market value. To trade-in clubs, visit

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