TourAngle Reveals New Putting Aids

Among the hundreds of new golf products introduced at the PGA Merchandise Show through Jan. 24, the new putting training aids from TourAngle should get a solid dose of attention.

The California-based company has developed three new products engineered to help improve any golfer’s putting. TheTourAngle Zero Putting Aid, TourAngle 180 Putting Aid and TourAngle 360 Golf Ball Putting Aid were all developed in keeping with the TourAngle 144 Swing Aid’s mantra of creating simple yet effective training aids to improve any golfer’s game.

TourAngle Zero Putting Aid

tourangle zeroSimilar in concept to the original TourAngle 144 swing training aid, the TourAngle Zero Putting Aid is engineered to improve your putting aim/alignment and stroke by ensuring that your upper body is properly aligned toward the desired line of your putt.

“One of the key concepts for consistently good putting is creating a stable set up, one in which the shaft is on the same plane as the forearms. This product will automatically place you in that set up.

“The TourAngle Zero Putting Aid, much like the original TourAngle 144 gives you feedback as to proper alignment in the putting stroke. Start correctly and you’ll see less compensations and a better putting stroke,” says Bosdosh. “I simply place the product in the students’ hands and let them tell me what the feedback is, what the feel is. It will show them what they are doing wrong all by themselves,” he added.

The TourAngle Zero Putting Aid will also be on display at the PGA Show’s New Product Showcase

Retail price is $39.95.

TourAngle 180 Putting Aid

The TourAngle 180 Putting Aid, when used in conjunction with the TourAngle Zero Putting Aid is a great way to monitor a square putting set up.

Simply place the device between your legs above the knees and line up the alignment rod with the TourAngle ZeroPutting Rod. When both rods are in alignment, that would be what a square set up feels like. “When we can get the body set up squarer to your target, the body doesn’t have to compensate in the stroke mechanics which makes for more consistency, more putts made and lower scores,” explains Bosdosh.

Retail price is also $39.95.

Tour Angle 360 Golf Ball Putting Aid

tourangle-360This kit contains two red/white regulation sized balls and two larger red/white balls along with a detailed Instruction Booklet detailing how to use in becoming a better putter.

To use, set the seam of the colors down straight, try and roll the ball several feet at no particular target. Notice how the colored seam rolls. If it “wobbles,” then it’s not the best roll on the ball and you will need to make some adjustments to roll the seam “true” or straight.

Once you can roll the seam true a few feet, you can then introduce the cup. Bosdosh advises, “Start with the XL, the bigger ball which in effect makes the hole smaller and more difficult to hole the putt. When you switch to the smaller ball, it makes the cup look like a bucket. We all know how mental this game can be, learn to hole the XL, you will make more putts with your regulation size ball. If you can roll the seam true AND hole the XL, you are on your way to better scores.”

Retail price is $24.95.

In addition to the new proprietary products being introduced, TourAngle is debuting a number of other devices to help golfers set up better and play better golf.

One of them is the TourAngle Mirror, one of the most widely used putting devices for training by players at every level. It gives accurate feedback as to a square putter face, better aim, and where your eyes are relative to the ball at the set up. Most of the best coaches agree that the eyes should be either over the ball or slightly inside and behind at the set up.

Retail price is $24.95.

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