SX3 Helps Your Short Game ‘Click’


At Golf Tips we like to hammer home the point that if you’ve got just a few minutes each week for serious practice, grab a couple wedges and work on your short game, which accounts for nearly three-quarters of the strokes you’ll take during the average round, putting included. So when we come across a training aid that truly helps golfers hone those 60-yards-and-in shots, we take notice.

The Swing Mechanix’ new SX3 is such a product, both simple in its application and immediate in its effect. Struggle with hand release issues through impact? Letting those wrists go early, which leads to skulls and scoops? The SX3 should help get you into that crucial “hinge and hold” mold that distinguishes low-handicappers and pros from the rest of us. Just clip it onto the top of your wedge grip — we’ll say it’s best suited for partial pitching wedge shots through easy lob wedges — and adjust its curbed arm to rest against the inside of your lead forearm at address. Then make a few practice swings, and if you’re rotating the wrists properly going back, you’ll hear a click; dragging the clubhead back, or remaining too stiff, and you won’t hear the click. That’s feedback one. Feedback two takes place when you come through the strike zone: Keep your hands in “hold” position, slightly ahead of the ball at impact, and you’ll hear a second click as you pivot to follow-through; no click if you break your wrists too soon and “flip” them.

Simple enough? Indeed. And a few swings on the range or during a practice round will pretty much cure what ails you. The SX3 weights next to nothing, meaning it should take up residence in your golf bag for the next time you get too handsy. And trust us, there will be a next time.

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