Swing Coach Teaches Proper Tempo

A Few Swings Shows Right Ball Flight, Too

Swing CoachGolfers call it a golf “swing,” but most of us don’t swing as much as we “hit.” Standing there with a club in our hands, any club, we are focused on hitting the ball when what we should be thinking about is making a smooth, accelerating swing in which the ball simply gets in the way at the right moment.

That’s what the pros do. That’s what makes them so much different from the rest of us. They swing. We try to hit.

There are 1,001 reasons the vast majority of golfers try to hit the ball. But reasons for past mistakes are no longer the issue. Not with Swing Coach.

As its name makes clear, Swing Coach promotes making a real, pure, effective swing, one in which the ball simply gets in the way of a well timed, well made, well balanced, and properly accelerating swing. In fact, years of research into training aids has proven that Swing Coach is the only product on the market that helps golfers learn how to create a correct, natural, and efficient swing all by themselves.

Swing Coach uses the flight and direction of the ball to show what is right or wrong with every swing

Perhaps even more important, Swing Coach teaches the golfer how to make the right swing whether it’s a relatively slow swing with a wedge or the high-speed swing with a driver. One product covers all the swings you’ll ever have to make. (Absent the putt, which is a different animal all to itself.)

The secret to Swing Coach is its patented cradle technology, which took years of development to create a device that works for players of all abilities. Developed with guidance and collaboration from the world’s top golf instructors—led by Dean Reinmuth, who has coached numerous tour players including Phil Mickelson and is both a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Golf Digest Top 50 teacher—Swing Coach promotes making a perfect swing by removing the urge to hit the ball from the equation.

The Swing Coach cradle works with regulation golf balls. Put a ball into the cradle, make a swing, and instantly see from the ball’s flight just how good—or bad—your swing really is.

Here’s how it works:

With a golf ball in the cradle, making an efficient, smooth, accelerating swing will launch that ball properly toward the target, or else to the right, left, too high, or too low if your swing needs work.

The Swing Acceleration Marker (SAM) is placed on the ground, four inches in front of the normal ball position for a mid-iron club.  Make a full back swing or shoulder turn with a controlled 75% swing, continuing over the top of the SAM marker.  The Swing Coach club will release the golf ball online towards the target when swung with the proper arc and acceleration.

Just 15 to 30 minutes of practice with the Swing Coach is all players of any skill level need to see real improvement in their swings and develop the muscle memory necessary to make their best swings over and over again.  New and developing golfers need to experience that “aha!” moment of what a correct swing motion feels like and they’ll be hooked. Or for better players to dial in the timing and motion of their swings precisely.

Make a proper, accelerating swing—without thinking about hitting something—and the subsequent flight of the ball will tell you everything you need to know to improve. By removing the “hit impulse” it is finally possible to understand what an accelerating and free-flowing swing feels like. Make those good swings for just a few minutes and your body ingrains the feelings and sensations necessary to create such a motion over and over again.

And again and most important, without trying to “hit” anything. It’s all about making the best possible swing. And here’s another wonderful thing about Swing Coach: If your game starts to slip, it’s is right there, in your bag, ready to get you back on track in just a few minutes. No need to make an appointment or get wired up for detailed scientific analysis. You don’t even have to see another person.

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