Slay The Sway

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Slay The Sway

We all know bad habits are hard to break, especially in golf. Sometimes it takes years to reroute the neurons and retrain the muscles to “do the right thing,” and once it a while you’ve got to tear your swing down to the studs and shore up the foundation.

Slay The SwayTake the dreaded sway, for instance. A lot of amateurs, particularly occasional social players, move laterally in the backswing, which is an instant recipe for disaster in many dimensions — thin shots, fat shots, shanks, no distance and absolutely no directional control. Perhaps they were athletes in other sports, perhaps they never had a proper lesson. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. They need to be fixed, and fast.

Red-hot upstart golf accessory company HoleOut comes to the rescue with AntiSway Pro, the first truly portable training aid to improve that crucial golf swing’ foundation. Evolved and improved from the original Anti-Sway, the Pro’s dual-armature design keeps your sway tendencies in check, both front-to- back as well as laterally. It connects with ease to your lower leg with an ankle strap that braces both the outer calf and rear ankle-calf. You’ll get immediate feedback on whether you’re swaying off the ball or turning around the back leg as you should. AntiSway Pro stays put through swing after swing on the practice range, and is full adjustable. It also fits nicely in your bag when you’re finished with all those great practice shots and ready to put that freshly minted move into scorekeeping action. “It gives any golfer the swing foundation of the pros,” declare HoleOut’s honchos, and we agree. As with all truly effective training aids, it’s simple in concept, design and implementation. Prepare to say goodbye to that brutally bad habit forever.


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