SkyTrak App Offers Short Game Help

skytrak app 3.2SkyTrak has announced the release of Version 3.2 of the SkyTrak app for PC, iOS and Android. It features a new Wedge Matrix that allows a player to dial in their yardages with scoring clubs.

The Wedge Matrix runs the player through a series of shots including pitches, half-shots, ¾ shots, and full shots. With four wedges, the player can select the number of shots with each club and shot type, and when complete, the player will receive a matrix that can be exported and printed. The matrix will be populated with the averages of each shot type and club for use when on the course.

“While it’s always a good idea to practice drives and longer shots, one of the most important things for improved scoring is to get your wedges and short irons dialed in,” said Andy Allen, SportTrak Managing Director of Golf. “With the new Wedge Matrix, golfers can easily practice with their scoring clubs and identify how far they hit a variety of shots. Once they have this information, it’s easier to make strides in this part of the game, becoming better, more confident players.”

In addition to the Wedge Matrix, the SkyTrak Version 3.2 software updates include:

  • Updated Tracers
  • New Shortcut to toggle to Spin Axis
  • The addition of Max Height and Angle of Descent to Practice Range
  • The addition of a Shot Counter to the Practice Range (adds the ability to scroll through and replay or delete old shots)
  • An adjusted 45-degree camera view
  • 64-Bit PC Option
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Improvements

SkyTrak is golf’s most convenient, affordable, professional grade launch monitor and simulator. It provides accurate, real-time feedback making it a complete practice, play and entertainment system for golf at home.

The new Version 3.2 app is available on the App Store and Google Play. For more information about SkyTrak, please visit

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