PowerPlane Keeps Golfers’ Heads In The Game

Power PlaneTour Pro Tech’s PowerPlane is a revolutionary new training device that uses high precision ultrasonics and patent-pending technology to help golfers correct the majority of common swing flaws.  Designed by an MIT engineer and top PGA teaching professional, PowerPlane automatically positions a PowerPlane Zone, two invisible vertical planes, around a golfer’s head. If their head moves out of the zone anytime during their swing until impact, PowerPlane alerts them with a beep at that moment. This real-time feedback changes their behavior from the very first swing, resulting in centered contact, more distance and better accuracy.

“Every tour pro and elite amateur share one thing in common: their heads stay within a defined zone from address through impact,” states Tour Pro Tech’s  CEO and founder Rich Kosowsky. “After analyzing tens of thousands of golf swings, fluid motion of the head within this defined zone, the PowerPlane  Zone, has been confirmed as the single most important absolute in golf. This absolute is the basis for the design of PowerPlane.”

PowerPlane has gone through extensive beta testing by hundreds of golfers and top teaching professionals.  It has proven to be highly effective for golfers of all handicaps, resulting in centered contact almost instantly.  More impressively, it has been embraced by top instructors as a powerful and effective tool to correct swings flaws and change student behavior quickly.

“PowerPlane has been incredibly helpful in correcting the swing flaws of my students,” states Tim Tierney, PGA teaching professional and co-founder.  “Almost immediately after I set up a student with PowerPlane, their head and body stay quieter and their contact improves, often dramatically. Not only do they see measurable results quickly, they also know they are on the right path while they practice between lessons.”

PowerPlane weighs about a pound, easily fits into the side pocket of a golf bag, and operates for 300 hours on standard batteries.  Simply slide it open to turn on.  Grab the Sonic Sensor from the back and clip it to a hat.  Set up over the ball, look at the target, look back at the ball, and swing!  That’s it.  Golfers know immediately whether they stayed in the zone during the swing and at impact.  The result is centered contact from the first few swings.

PowerPlane isn’t limited to just the full swing.  It covers all aspects of the game: drives, long irons, short game, and putting. Just choose the preferred mode:

  1. Swing Mode is the start for full swings and drives. Know immediately if you move forward or backward out of the PowerPlane Zone.
  2. Pro Swing Mode is for advanced golfers and those who have mastered Swing Mode. The planes of the zone are closer together forcing you to coil, not sway, to achieve success.
  3. Pitch Mode helps your short game. A tight back plane prevents you from falling back, forcing torso rotation and solid contact.
  4. Putt Mode sets a tight front plane, forcing a steady head and body while preventing peeking.

PowerPlane is currently available for pre-order in limited quantities and retails for $189. For more information, visit www.powerplanegolf.net or call (781) 728-5400.

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