Pin High Pro Teaches Proper Weight Shift

Pin High Pro TopEvery golf teacher in creation concentrates on certain moves in every lesson. One of them is what’s commonly called “weight transfer” — that key transition moment from backswing to forward swing, when a player must move the bulk of his or her weight to the forward foot. It’s the pursuit of that vital move that makes Pocket Pin High Pro such a valuable — yet inexpensive — training aid.

Invented by a Tennessean named Carl Papa and put into action by some of today’s top teachers, Pin High Pro is a lightweight, portable, spring-loaded disc that’s about the size of a cup on the green and a little less than an inch thick. On one side is slip-resistant surface which goes under the outside of your lead foot at address, forcing you to keep your weight on the inside of the foot and feel the proper weight distribution just before pulling the trigger: A slight favoring of the trailing leg.

But the real magic happens when you take the club back. Make a swing back and through — anything from a short pitch to a full turn will do; you can even use it indoors when you’re working on your pitching and chipping — and you’ll hear a loud “click” from the Pin High Pro just before impact, meaning you’ve exerted the minimum 15 pounds of force to signify proper weight shift.

It’s that simple, and that powerful.

A full practice session with Pin High Pro will eliminate swaying off the ball in the backswing and the dreaded “hang back” move that ruins golf shots in many ways, from tops and chunks to weak mis-hits. Before long the “click” gets ingrained, overthinking each shot fades away and you just concentrate on that one key “down and through” move. Rhythm and balance improve immediately, which means straigher and stronger shots.

The bottom of the unit is also finished with anti-slip rubber, so there’s no chance of it sliding out from under your foot even if you take a Dustin Johnson-like crack at the ball.

Pin High Pro can help any player at any level — including former NFL players like Jayson Swain, former Chicago Bears wide receiver, who had this to say on the product’s website:

“Playing golf is hard, much harder than playing football. I found the Pocket Pin High Pro easy to use and it helped me establish a basic swing rhythm. It also helped me shift weight to the front foot more consistently with fewer swing thoughts. It works!”

He’s spot on. Pocket Pin High Pro indeed works, and it’s small enough to go into your golf bag and be there when you need it … when those nasty fall-back habits creep back into your game. Plus, it comes in five colors.

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