Impact Snap Trains Proper Hand Release

Grab this training aid to groove a Hogan-like move

Invented by Kelvin Miyahira and developed by Marty Nowicki, lead instructor at Turning Stone Resort near Syracuse, New York, ImpactSnap was designed to train the wrists and forearms in three different motions that occur in a proper release of the golf club during a full swing — cocking and unlocking of the lead wrist, flexion (bowing) of the lead wrist and supination or rotation of the lead wrist and forearm without sacrificing the integrity of the flexed lead wrist. As Ben Hogan wrote, using the wrist and arms properly is a must if you want to play great golf. Once you’ve got the proper grip and pressure in place on the ImpactSnap’s specially designed flat grip and take the address position, the attached ball will be positioned below the lead forearm; by lowly moving the ball so it touches the inside part of the trailing forearm, the wrist will accomplish all three moves. Start out slowly, when the ball is near the inside or the under part of the trail arm, swing the unit back to waist high where the wrists will start to cock; the trainer’s sliding weight will will load and the yellow ball moves away from the forearm. Move both forearms forward, leaving your wrists in the loaded position; once the hands pass the center of your body, slowly unlock and move the yellow ball so it touches the trailing forearm. The correct follow-through position finds the barrel of the unit pointing to your ball/target line about 10 feet past your body. After a few slow swings, if pressure is in the correct places, the wrists will start to free up and move correctly. ImpactSnap ingrains what a full speed release feels like and trains motor skill patterns. It doesn’t take long to get the “snap” of it.

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