GravityFit TPro Gives Golfers Perfect Posture

Creates ‘Touch Feedback’ For Proper Feel
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Lots of people will tell you how important posture and set up are in golf, but not many people offer a viable solution on how to achieve it.

The normal suggestion is to modify your existing set up; an instructor might tell you “more hip bend,” “head up,” “shoulders back.” The problem is that it’s really difficult to actually feel what the right position is without someone else giving you that feedback. The result is that all too often your best golf posture is attainable in a golf lesson, but really difficult to achieve on your own.

This can be frustrating, you can’t always ask for someone to watch you and it’s impractical to drag a mirror along to the driving range. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something light, portable and easy to use that gave you that feedback on your golf posture every time?

GravityFit have the exact solution for you, it’s called the TPro and it’s been designed specifically to help golfers get into their best golf posture every time.

GravityFit TProThere is some pretty complicated science behind how and why this works: “Gravity sensory information is specifically related to how the sensation of gravity is picked up by receptors in joint structures and leads to an increase in tone or springiness of the muscles of the trunk working more statically to provide proximal stability or a firm and flexible anchor for whole body movement.” I’ll give you a summary that’s easy to understand.

Essentially, in order to make sure we are in great posture every time, we need feedback. The most powerful feedback is called kinaesthetic feedback, or touch feedback. Essentially it gives the user a literal feel for what they are supposed to be doing.

The TPro provides this feel to your upper back and shoulder blades, which ensures you have just the right amount of curve in your spine and activation in your upper back muscles. The pressure from the green spikes in the middle tell you if your spine is in the correct position, the paddles on the side give awareness of your shoulder blade positioning and the green or yellow tubing provides a stimulus that strengthens the key stabiliser muscles in and around your shoulders and upper back.

GravityFit TPro from back

This new technology is being used on a daily basis by the PGA Tour professionals; Cameron Smith, Jonas Blixt, and Harris English, amongst others. The high performance programs in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and Belgium along with US colleges and many other professional and amateur players also use it to regularly to train their best golf posture

You shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that it’s only for elite players though; the beauty of this equipment is the intuitive simplicity of its application. I’m passionate about the high level players I work with using the TPro to help train their golf posture and I would love to see the general golfing public benefit from it too.

The application to golf posture has obvious carry over to smoother swings and sweeter strikes, but improving your posture also has an arguably more important benefit; helping to protect your spine and joints. Osteoarthritis and spinal injuries are becoming more prevalent in modern society as we live longer and move less. Improving your posture means giving your spine and joints, especially shoulders and hips, the best possible chance to stay healthy. If they are being held in a better position, they will move more freely and with less discomfort.

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