Sacks Parente Putters Seek Perfection

sacks parente series 54 mallet
Sacks Parente Series 54 Mallet

It’s not easy breaking into the crowded and mega-competitive putter space, but Southern California-based Sacks Parente — named for founders and longtime golf entrepreneurs Steve Sacks and Richard Parente — are making quite a go of it with four models: the Series 39 Blade, Series 54 Mallet, Series 66i Cavity Back, and Series 18 Cavity Sole.

The vision of Sacks Parente is to deliver the most scientifically perfect putters to help golfers make more putts. It’s as simple as that. “Our goal in designing the SPG putters was to use proven, science-based methodology to deliver real innovation,” said Sacks. “We feel that we have succeeded in developing a line of putters that defy convention and actually improve a player’s game.”

All designs feature the company’s patented Ultra-Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology, which is defined as a balance point five inches or less from the sole of the putter. This balance point creates a natural putter release, squaring the head at impact, even in high stress situations. In addition, all SPG putters maximize MOI by combining the use of ultra-light weight alloys and high-density tungsten, to significantly move more weight from the center of the putter to the heel and toe.

sacks parente series 18 blade
The Series 18 Blade

“Our technology is a game changer,” said Rich Parente. “It’s easy to create a low balance point if you oversize and over weigh the putter head. However, at Sacks Parente we use a standard head weight of 350-360 grams. It’s our technical achievement in shaft and grip design that solidified the ULBP technology.”

SPG putters are designed, engineered and crafted from only the finest steels, alloys, aluminums, composites, tungsten and exotic metals to deliver exceptional playability. They are assembled with rigorous attention to detail and every component is produced to the most exacting standards possible.

The Series 39 Tour Edition is made from 316L surgical steel, featuring a light weight face insert made from AL24, Sacks Parente’s proprietary alloy material, that absorbs vibration 100 times better than steel. To maximize the MOI, the Series 39 has over 120 grams of high-density tungsten strategically located in the faces at the heel and toe.

The Series 54 Mallet is available in both a Players Edition and a Tour Edition and features a perfectly flat crown that starts low at the back of the putter and ramps up to the full height of the face to optically eliminate mis-alignment. To further aid alignment, the putter is available with either a Striped Crown (SC) or a Vernier Acuity (VA) crown to help the eyes follow to the target. The SC is designed to help the eyes follow the ramped shape towards the intended target, enabling golfers to line up putts more consistently and make more putts. The VA model was designed for golfers who don’t find the striped crown beneficial. Vernier Acuity is defined as the ability to see dis-alignment between two lines. This is enhanced when the outside lines are of a different color from the inside line and having outside lines slightly thinner than the inside line.

At an average weight of 30 grams Sacks Parente grips are less than half the weight of typical grips found in today’s market — designed and engineered to enable the ULBP technology, and to also meet specific requirements for feel and comfort. They come in three variations, to meet every golfer’s unique grip style.

Sacks Parente shafts have been engineered from the ground up. Weighing between 30-35 grams to enable the ULBP technology — one-third the weight of a regular steel shaft — they transmit a feel not achievable with steel.

Priced at a premium thanks to their technological advances, these putters will roll out slowly in the U.S., but when they catch on, watch out.

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