Three New Golf Accessories That’ll Help Your Game

And Make Great Gifts, Too

Sometimes the simplest change or addition to your arsenal of gear will take you miles toward your scoring goals, both in practice and on the course. These golf accessories are worth a look, for yourself or that hardcore player on your holiday list.


There’s far more than one way—or material—available to get a solid grip on your golf game. This brand new product will keep your “lead” or upper hand firmly connected to the club for far longer than any other glove out there.

The CaddyDaddy Claw is built of 100 percent synthetic materials, making it durable and, believe it or not, washable.

The business, or palm, side of the glove is constructed of pliable, soft microfiber, alternating strips of which is coated in tacky silicone, resulting in a grip that beats leather and straight synthetic gloves for “traction,” breathability and stand-up-to-the-elements longevity. It won’t crack, harden or tear.

The back of the glove offers a flex-mesh weave, adding even more breathability and hand-hugging flexibility.

The CaddyDaddy Claw is available in small, medium, large or extra-large and includes an adjustable Velcro flap and snap-in-place ballmarker.

$19.99 |


golf gift guide finger caddiesRange rats will love this simple product—a pair of stretchable, tiny nylon sleeves that slide snugly over fingers or thumbs to fend off blisters and callouses.

If you’re built to beat bucket upon bucket but would rather not end each session in pain, these little marvels should appeal to you. Just employ them on your hands’ golf grip pressure points (usually the index fingers, with the middle finger of the trailing hand, and perhaps the thumbs), and swing away. Even after an hour or two of hard range work, you’ll hit the first tee without broken or bleeding skin.

The Finger Caddies stretch over the widest knuckle assuming you’ve chosen the proper size (the website offers a handy measuring system), and offer hand relief no matter the climate, keeping dry, cracked skin at bay in the desert and offering additional traction in humidity. | Check the price on Amazon!


golf accessories sureputt proWe’ve been using the good ol’ bubble level to build bookshelves or hang paintings forever, so why not use one to read our putts?

That’s the forehead-slapping premise of SurePutt.

With a bubble level placed in the middle of a bullseye-type plexiglass circle surrounded by a sturdy, 4-inch-diameter anodyzed aluminum frame engraved with words spelling out break direction and elevation change (for instance, “Uphill/Breaks Right”), the SurePutt Pro makes for one powerful ballmarker, especially for putts of under 10 feet or so, which are far less likely to break more than one direction, at least on most greens.

Just place the SurePutt on the green behind the ball, making sure to point the small arrow at its “top” directly at the hole, and the bubble will immediately give you a spot-on take on the putt’s break, and whether it moves uphill or downhill. The further the bubble is out of the bullseye’s center, the bigger the break and steeper the slope. If you’re practicing double-breaking longer putts, just place the device between ball and hole to get a solid read for the entire roll. And the more you use it, the better you’ll get at eyeballing putts on your own, a skill you’ll definitely need when it’s time to tee it up in a sanctioned competition.

But for casual rounds, keep this “caddy in your pocket” and use it while playing. After all, putting is tough stuff—we need all the help we can get.

Thee “Lite” model of SurePutt is constructed fully of plastic, but it’s no less effective. Both are available in a variety of colors. | Check the price on Amazon!

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