Sneak Peek 2010

Curious to see what lies ahead in 2010? Here's a sneak peek at some (not all!) of the product offerings coming soon to a pro shop near you.

Offerings Coming Soon To Pro Shops

The first five-layer golf ball, TaylorMade’s Penta TP combines the best characteristics of the company’s TP Red and Black balls. Its designer, Dean Snell, claims that it’ll have the distance of the Black, the iron control of the Red and the short-game feel of Titleist’s Pro V1. The Penta TP will sell for $45/dozen and hits retailers in Sunbelt states December 1, with chillier areas receiving shipments deeper into the winter.

No, they don’t have adjustable clubheads, but TaylorMade’s new R9 ($799) and R9 TP ($899) irons both feature something called a Velocity Control Chamber. What’s that? According to TM’s engineers, it’s a “fully enclosed compartment positioned behind the clubface that makes it possible for an immense area of the ultrathin clubface to exist unsupported.” Translation: It increases the COR, which produces longer shots.

TaylorMade’s most innovative offering for 2010 is the xFT (Exchangeable Face Technology) wedge ($129). That’s right, you can change out the wedge’s face so you have fresh new grooves whenever you want. Comes in 10 loft/lie combos; faces will cost $39.

Measuring 45.75 inches (.25 inches longer than standard drivers), Cleveland’s new Launcher DST driver ($299) was created to maximize distance through higher ballspeed. Weighs a featherweight 300g.

Cleveland’s game-improvement CG7 BP (Black Pearl) irons ($699) were built for mid- to high-handicappers and designed with a laser-milled face texture to maximize surface roughness and spin. Features 360 Gelback Technology and a Dynamic Microcavity for unparalleled feel and forgiveness. Comes in a Tour version, too.

The traditionally shaped CG15 Wedge ($119) from Cleveland features zip grooves and has lofts that range from 46_¡ to 64_¡. Certain models will be offered in three finishes: Satin Chrome, Black Pearl and Oil Quench.

Cleveland Classic debuts two new putters in 2010, a plumbers neck blade called “#4” ($69) and a slant neck blade called “#4.5” ($69).

The e-Series golf balls ($26/doz.) from Bridgestone have received a makeover. The 2-piece e5 has a softer urethane cover and a revamped dimple pattern for a higher ballflight. The 3-piece e6 has a new inner layer that cuts sidespin for straighter, longer hits. And the new 3-piece e7 is a lot like the e6, only it’s about 5% firmer for a lower, more penetrating ballflight.

Designed by the renowned designer, Roger Cleveland, Callaway’s new X Series JAWS wedge features Mack Daddy grooves and is constructed from soft 1020 carbon steel. Available in Soft Milky Chrome ($109) or Dark Vintage ($119).

Created with Tour input, Odyssey’s new White Ice ($129/estimated street price) line of putters feature a Black Nickel finish that looks and feels more premium than the White Hot XG line it’s replacing. Also new for 2010 is a more responsive insert that yields better auditory feedback, feel and consistency–especially with softer balls. Comes in a number of head shapes. (Sabertooth, shown). Look for it in stores starting November 15.

The new S2 Irons ($985) from Cobra have a multimaterial makeup of urethane, polymer and steel for an iron that feels good, even when you’re not. Highly playable and made for players of any skill, the S2 Irons also have a low/back CG for a higher ballflight and a stronger loft configuration for more distance throughout the set.

The new AP1 ($699) and AP2 ($999) 710 irons from Titleist both have received makeovers, making them easily the most playable forged irons ever made by Titleist. Both have been tweaked for better feel via a Tuned Feel System that’s a co-molded medallion made of elastomer and aluminum located behind the clubface.

Tour Edge/ Exotics
Exotics’ new XCG-3 fairway wood ($299) was built with a heavy tungsten sole and skirt. Why tungsten? It’s twice as heavy as steel so even more weight can be placed below the ball for superior launch characteristics. How heavy is it? Its sole represents 63% of the clubhead’s total weight.

The XCG-3 hybrid ($199) is Exotics’ first hybrid with a tungsten sole, and its thin maraging steel cupface was designed to improve rebound off the clubface. The XCG-3 also includes two internal weight pads that help lower its CG.

Adidas footwear
Now in its fourth generation, Adidas’ Tour 360 4.0 ($180) comes in five different color combinations and a two-year waterproof warranty. Its 360WRAP makes it Adidas’ most stable golf shoe ever.

Maker of some of the purest irons you can buy, Mizuno offers a slew of new beauties to choose from in 2010. The MP-58 ($999) is built with Mizuno’s all-new DUAL MUSCLE TITANIUM technology and the MP-68‘s ($899) new 3D blade style is the next iteration of a player’s blade.

Other new clubs include the FLI-HI ($140) hybrid iron, made specially for high shots that land soft. The MX-300 ($799) is Mizuno’s best effort at melding forgiveness with shot maneuverability, and the MX-1000 ($999-$1,199) oozes big distance and playability for all skill levels.

Built with recreational golfers in mind, Adams’ highly forgiving Idea a70S ($799) hybrid iron set features three hybrids, two mid-hybrids and three wide-soled cavity-back short irons. (The Idea a70S hybrids also may be purchased individually.)

Designed for mid-handicappers, Adams’ Idea a7 ($599-$699) hybrid set features a 3- and 4-iron hybrid and six irons whose top lines get progressively thinner as the clubs shorten. (The Idea a7 hybrids also may be purchased individually.)

Not available until March 2010, the new Nike MachSpeed ($359) driver looks more menacing than any other driver we’ve seen from Nike. Featuring a square shape that’s optimized for better aerodynamics, as well as STR8-FIT customization, the MachSpeed is sure to be Nike’s next big thing.

Nike’s new Method ($249) putters created a buzz a while back, with several players using and winning with them long before they were introduced to the public. Why the buzz? The face of every Method putter has a polymetal groove design, causing a faster, purer and more consistent forward roll.

Featuring a new material called “Ti-X51AF,” which has a lower density and higher elasticity than general titanium, Srixon’s Z-TX Driver ($499) not only is light but also has an optimal CG location to maximize its distance and accuracy. Srixon’s premium forged Z-TX Irons ($899) provide playability and accuracy without sacrificing forgiveness, with an optimal weight distribution that provides a 20% larger COR area.

This year featured several new innovations, advancements and just plain cool stuff. So instead of describing them all here, we shifted the bulk of the write-ups over to our website at But in case you were curious to see what we thought was top-shelf in 2009, here’s our list of worthy GT Tech Award recipients.

Excellence in Adjustability Award:
TaylorMade R9 Driver
Hitting any type of drive has never been easier (especially straighter ones)

Distance Through Geometry Award:
Cleveland HiBORE Monster XLS
Taking a risk with an inventive shape and refining it to perform even better is the stuff we like to see.

Slice Buster Award:
Callaway FT-iQ Driver
Exquisite design to solve an unattractive ballfight.

Breakthrough of the Year:
TaylorMade Burner Irons
Straighter, higher, farther–what more could you want from an iron?

Best Overall Driver Series:
Titleist 909D Series
Three models that cater to all types of players from a company not known to make clubs for all types of players.

Best Reason to Walk Again:
Clicgear Pushcarts
Easy to use, easy to store, easy to kiss the golf cart goodbye.

Most Impressive New Ball:
Bridgestone B330-RX
Tour-caliber performance for everyone. We mean it–everyone will love this ball.

The Coming of Age Award:
GolfLogix iPhone software
If you have a smartphone and you play golf, you need to have this.

Best On-Course Nourishment Award:
Amino Vital
The pros use this stuff all the time. Just look for the logoed towels.

Best-Performing Yet Unique-Looking Award:
Axis1 Putter
Beauty is in the eye of the ball-holder. It’s not how; it’s how many.

Top Shaft Material Innovation:
UST Mamiya AXIVCore Shafts
A four-axis material that produces incredible stability. We also love its counterbalanced feel.

Devil in the Details Award:
Callaway Diablo Series
You won’t see a lot of Diablos played on Tour, but you’ll see them in a lot of golf bags at your club. Mostly from the guys who beat you.

Might as Well Be a Driver Award:
Exotics XCG-V Fairway Woods
The only difference is you’ll have a lot more fun hitting these from the fairway than you would hitting a driver. They’re powerful, to say the least.

Outstanding New Shaft Series:
Fujikura Motore
Even if you don’t swing like a Tour player, you still can have a ballflight that emulates one.

Up the Ante Award:
Srixon Z-Star
The best ball you have yet to try. It’s that good.

Must Have New Shaft Award:
Aldila VooDoo, Mitsubishi Fubuki, GD Aura
All 3 can help you hit it farther and straighter.

Welcome Back Award:
Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT
The best-feeling corded grip we’ve ever wrapped our hands around.

The Megan Fox Award:
Cleveland CG7/CG7 Tour
Fantastic aesthetics and excellent versatility make these irons a must-have set

Outstanding Value Company Award:
Hireko Golf
Great values can be found on this company’s website, especially when it comes to drivers.

Best New Putter Tech Award:
PING’s iWi Series
New advancements from the company that started it all.

Radical Putter Design:
Odyssey White Hot Series
Odyssey’s willingness to explore new shapes is to be commended.

Great Looks, Great Feel Award:
Adams Speedline Driver
A blue driver? We love it.

Top Craftsmenship Award:
Mizuno MP-52 irons
Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging produces some of the best-looking and -feeling irons in the world.

By Category (in no particular order):

Top Drivers
Cleveland HiBORE Monster XLS
Titlest 909D Series
Callaway FT-9 and FT-iQ
TaylorMade R9
PING Rapture V2

Top Woods
Adams Speedline
Callaway Diablo
Nike Dymo2
Exotics XCG-V
PING Rapture V2

Top Hybrids
Callaway Diablo
Cleveland Launcher
Cobra Baffler Pro
Nickent 5DX
TaylorMade Rescue

Top Irons
Callaway X Forged
Cleveland CG7
Mizuno MP-52
TaylorMade Burner
PING Rapture V2

Top Wedges
Cleveland CG14
Nike Victory Red
Ping Tour W
Titleist Spin Milled Tour Chrome
Scratch Wedges

Top Putters
Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Series
TaylorMade Rossa TP
Odyssey White Hot
Rife IMO

Top Balls
Bridgestone B330-RX
Titleist Pro V1 (V1x)
Srixon Z-Star
Callaway Tour i
TaylorMade Burner TP

Top Shafts
Fujikura Motore
Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki
UST AXIVCore Shafts
Aldila VooDoo
Graphite Design Aura Series

Top GPS Devices
Garmin Approach G5
SkyCaddie SG5
GolfLogix GPS-8
Bushnell Yardage Pro XGC
Callaway uPro

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