Lightweight Quivers

New, light golf bags for 2011

Remember your first carry bag? Until recently, you pretty much had to choose between a multifunctional bag, with plenty of pockets and storage, or a lightweight bag with virtually no room but to store your clubs and a couple sleeves of golf balls. Thankfully, this year proves we’ve come a long way with carry bags, and nowadays, you can have both functionality and less weight–the ideal combination in a golf bag.

Here’s a peek at some of our favorites so far. And, while it may hard to believe, not one of these bags weighs more than four pounds.

This lightweight bag is full of cool stuff: a Velcro patch to hold your glove, a big “Pelican Pocket” for easy access to balls and accessories, a comfortable hip pad and a shoulder harness that’s super comfortable to use. The “Divide and Slide” technology uses the club’s weight to separate the clubs for easy access during play.

We love the big, roomy mouth of the 3.5, not to mention one of the most comfortable strap systems (E-Z Fit Dual Strap) we’ve tried. We also dig how the bottom of the bag was designed so it doesn’t slip off a golf cart. That’s smart stuff.

There are 11 pockets on this wide-mouthed, lightweight bag, not to mention a 4-point double strap that’s very comfortable to wear. The pen and water-bottle pockets make sense, but we really like how easy this bag is to pick up and put in the trunk, thanks to handles in all the right places.

PING 4 UNDER ($134*)
Simple and understated, the 4 Under bag has all you need from a lightweight carry bag without excess frill. The four-way divider mouth is plenty big enough, and like virtually every PING bag, the 4 Under promises to last a long, long time. The most unique feature? The retractable strap that makes it easier to lift the bag from a more upright position.

ADIDAS STRIKE AG ($139 estimated street price)
Yeah, the white is sure to turn heads, but this bag isn’t just for show. Its lightweight and sturdy construction makes it a cinch to use and carry. We really like the placements of the multiple pockets, and the wide mouth makes dropping and pulling clubs a piece of cake. It also has FAS-TEK technology, meaning you can attach a handful of devices such as GPS to it, using the type of clip you’d use on a belt or pants pocket.

*Price reflects price found online at a variety of retailers.

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