High-Performance Golf Balls

Our favorites in golf ball tech

If you’re looking for the latest in our-level performance in a golf ball, look no further. Here are our favorites when it comes to shot-shaping control, distance and feel–combined.

Z-Star & Z-Star XV

We’ve been big fans of the Z-Star balls for a while now, but with the advent of the Spin Skin coating, better feel and greater greenside spin in both models, we’re even bigger fans than we were before. Both balls feature multilayer construction and Urethane covers, with the Z-Star XV promoting a flatter launch and a tad less spin than the Z-Star. Performance aside, we love the Tour Yellow models. Nothing beats going low and beating your buddies with a bright yellow ball.
Favorite Feature(s): The Tour Yellow color (it comes in white, too) and the added spin found in the Z-Star XV.

Pro V1 & Pro V1x

Do we really need to describe these golf balls to you? The top ball when it comes to Tour player usage is better than it has ever been. The covers last longer, both feel softer than they used to, and as one would expect, they’re consistently long and playable. The Pro V1x is the lower-spinning option of the two, but in our opinion, it has become even more playable for slower swing speeds than previous iterations.
Favorite Feature(s): The enhanced durability of both balls and the shotmaking capability of the Pro V1 around the green are hard to beat. Just ask the majority of Tour pros.

Speed Regime

Sporting enhanced HEX aerodynamics, dual-core construction, Urethane covers and a soft feel, each of the three Speed Regime models are categorized based on a player’s swing speed. Speeds below 90 mph should use Speed Regime 1, above 90 mph to 105 mph should use Speed Regime 2, and above 105 mph players should opt for Speed Regime 3. Each ball delivered great results in our trials, feeling softer than any Callaway ball designed for high-performance we’ve ever tried.
Favorite Feature(s): Very soft feel in all three models; more durable than earlier Tour-level balls from Callaway.

Tour Preferred Balls

The latest in golf ball tech from TaylorMade appears to be their best yet, thanks to the new React Core that delivers serious distance off the tee. That doesn’t mean these balls don’t spin–they do, but due to a five-layer construction, they spin less when you don’t want spin and more when you do (when hitting short shots). It comes in two models, the Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X, the latter imparting a little less spin.
Favorite Feature(s): More than 100 pros were involved in the creation of these balls. That’s cool!

B330 & B330S

The reformulated B330 and B330S both have what Bridgestone calls Hydro-Core tech, which somehow–and we don’t deny that it’s way over our heads–uses water in the core process to lend a softer inside and a firmer outer side region of the core. The result is greater distance across both models, speaking of which, the B330S is the “spinnier” of the two.
Favorite Feature(s): The B330S allows for some serious greenside shotmaking, and now, so does the B330. Both balls are exceptionally long off the tee, as well. Really long….

Nike RZN
Black & Platinum

Made to be softer than last year’s 20IX balls, the new RZN balls have a Speedlock core, which is bonded to the compression layer via a waffle-like design. So? The ball has better distance off the tee and more control with short irons and wedges. The Black is the lower-spin option of the two Urethane-covered, Tour-caliber golf balls.
Favorite Feature(s): Soft is definitely in this year and both models have a supersoft feel. The Platinum was our favorite because of the added spin when hitting shots around the green. We even got some bite from the rough.


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