New eWheels Motorizes Any Push Cart

Alphard Golf announced the release of eWheels, which turns any push cart into a remote-controlled electric golf caddie. With eWheels, gone are the days of schlepping around a heavy bag of golf clubs.

Alphard EwheelsThe eWheels unit is powered by two whisper-quiet 130W brushless hub motors and can reach speeds of 5 MPH, enough torque and speed to maintain a consistent pace while keeping up with you as you walk. Controlled via remote control, it can be maneuvered in all four directions (forward, backward, left and right) at a range of up to 50 yards. A controlled distance function allows you to select a desired distance (15, 30 or 60 yards) and the cart will stop there. Cruise control mode gives it the ability to traverse any terrain at a consistent speed … whether uphill or downhill. The  caddy compensates on the fly for a change in pitch and velocity and adjusts its motors accordingly. An electronic parking brake stops and holds the cart for safety.

Its two rugged 11-inch wheels are made of polyurethane, the same material used in luggage wheels, and can retract into the body of the unit, making it more compact to travel. The unit weighs only 23 pounds and includes a convenient built-in carrying handle. When fully extended, it measures 33 inches wide. When retracted, it’s a mere 25 inches wide.

The eWheels motorized platform is constructed of rugged aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s water and weather resistant, so if the weather takes a turn for the worst, eWheels will continue to operate until the game is done. A golfer can head back to the lodge and not have to worry about lugging clubs back.

eWheels comes with a set of brackets for various models of push carts, including Sun Mountain, Clicgear, Bagboy and Caddytek. It installs in minutes using a quick-latching system. Its 36V, 4.4Ah Lithium-ion battery recharges with the included AC charging cable. The battery features circuit protection and complies with UN38.3 safety standards.

Many golfers say walking is better than riding, but there’s no need to carry a golf bag or even push it. There are electric push carts, but they are expensive, bulky and heavy. eWheels helps decrease fatigue and increase focus, and lets golfers focus on their short game.

Alphard Golf launched a Kickstarter campaign for eWheels on June 8 and it quickly surpassed its goal of $50,000 in less than 24 hours. Alphard Golf is offering several add-ons, including a travel bag and car charger. eWheels can be purchased for $419 on Kickstarter. It is expected to ship in December 2017.

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