Equipment Q&A

Five questions with Cobra Puma Golf's president Bob Philion and vice president of research & development Tom Preece



This is the first line of Cobra clubs under PUMA management. How have things changed?

PUMA has given us creative freedom, and it’s evident in our new products. Colorful grips and designs complement the technology in each new offering. The ZL Encore features E9 Face Technology™ with dual roll and offers consumers a choice with two cosmetic offerings–all white, or black with electric yellow. But the design of our clubs is always predicated upon performance first and foremost. You’ll continue to see new technology and color in Cobra’s product offerings. –Tom Preece

The Long Tom is the longest driver on the market. Why did you build a 48-inch club?

We made the first Long Tom driver back in the ’70s. It was a 46-inch club (much longer than other conventional drivers) and ahead of its time. We wanted to bring it back. The new Long Tom is four feet long and only 269 grams. The length-to-weight ratio generates extreme distance with added accuracy and distance from E9 Face Technology_ã_ with dual roll. It’s an exciting club to play with–when consumers hit it, they get excited about the immediate distance gains. –Tom Preece

We see that the Trusty Rusty wedge is back. How does the rust improve the performance?

The Trusty Rusty is rusty because it’s made with raw, unplated carbon steel, which is softer and rougher than standard chromed steel. The new Trusty Rustys have been updated with new grooves that are milled and then post-lasered, maximizing performance under the new groove rule. Trusty Rusty will continue to rust more over time, which will result in a personal wedge cosmetic with exceptional performance. –Tom Preece

You’ve really thought outside the box on a lot of your offerings. How’d all this come about?

COBRA PUMA GOLF’s goal is to become the most desirable golf company, and we aim for that by being a bit on the edgier side. Offering bright graphics, colorful grips and unique product is only part of the strategy. All of our products are based in technology and designed to help your game, but we bring our youthful and joyful attitude to life through our products. –Bob Philion

You’ve captured the youth market with both Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson on staff. Do you think their impact will help grow the game?

Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson bring our "Look Better. Feel Better. Play Better." mind-set to life. Their youthful, fun attitudes, great style and fantastic play have already had an effect on the game and the players that look up to them. Their influence will only continue to grow, and we are excited to be supporting them on the PGA and LPGA Tours next year. –Bob Philion

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