Oska Pulse Makes Golf Pain-Free

oska pulse

For golfers tired of swallowing hands-ful of over-the-counter or prescription pain meds before and after every round, there’s a new high-tech device called Oska Pulse that will allow pain-free practice, play and recovery with no side effects.

Afrer all, pain is an issue with all athletes, including golfers. Many undergo surgery, rework their swings, and end up on pain meds. Oska Pulse is a portable, wearable and affordable PEMF machine that reduces inflammation and relieves pain. It is doctor approved, FSA/HSA spending account reimbursable, and over half of users reduce or eliminate meds their inherent risks. 

Oska Wellness is a pioneer of technology-driven wellness solutions that help people live more active lives with less pain. Oska Pulse is clinically proven (via a double-blind placebo study) to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, improve mobility and alleviate pain.

It uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology, which is commonly used in doctors’ offices and demonstrated in thousands of clinical studies to work at the source of pain by accelerating the body’s ability to repair injured cells and increasing blood flow. By addressing pain at the source rather than simply masking it, Oska Pulse is ideal for acute or chronic pain, including back, knee, neck, joint, muscle and more.

PEMF technology has been a trusted solution for pain management and tissue regeneration in clinics for decades, and works at the cellular level to accelerate the body’s ability to repair injured cells. Healthy cells convert nutrients into energy by efficiently moving ions through their membranes. When cells are distressed from pathogens, trauma, starvation or toxins, this ion movement is more difficult, and the cells’ metabolic productivity is reduced.  A safe, low energy Pulsed Electromagnetic Field is used at a precise frequency to restore the cell’s efficiency, allowing it to perform its function.  Once only accessible through doctors’ offices and therapy centers, this effective technology is now available for home, office, car and on-the-go use through Oska Pulse.

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