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You can image as editor of one of the premier golf publications Golf Tips Magazine, I often receive requests for product reviews with great frequency. What you might not know, is I do not take this opportunity to test the latest equipment lightly. One of the most important factors when reviewing any product is honesty and transparency. After all, the consumer often relies on our views, and opinions before making a purchase. Having said that, here is my honest assessment of Stix Golf.

As part of the review process Stix Golf sent me their Classic 11 Piece set which included, Driver, 5 Wood, 4 Hybrid, irons 5 – PW, 56 Wedge & Putter, complete with headcovers. What I didn’t anticipate was Stix Golf sending me one of their golf bags. A nice surprise to say the least! All clubs were fitted with graphite shafts, stiff flex. I typically play with steel shafts, but thought “What the Heck!”

At first glance, this is a very respectable set indeed. Their Classic Set features irons and wedges with a finish that provides an extremely high level of durability and scratch resistance to keep your clubs looking sharp. Now it was time to put them to the test!

I headed to the range the first sunny day, and proceeded to put them through the paces. As a golf professional for over 25 years I know most amateurs are tempted to pull out the Driver. I confess, I was a bit tempted too! Nevertheless, I did what all golfers should do, start out with some easy wedge shots, and work my way up to the big stick. The irons felt great! They are designed with a more forgiving clubhead which for most golfers is right up their alley. I was equally surprised how well the shafts performed. I quickened my pace a bit to get to the longer clubs. The hybrid and 5 wood both performed as well and any on the market. Which says a lot given that the are much easier on the pocket book.

Now finally the driver! I was excited to see how their big stick stacked up against others from some of the big manufacturers. There isn’t an option to adjust the clubhead as with others on the market, but that in my opinion is OK. I find too many adjustments takes away from a players true ability. Overall, the driver performed great! I was pleasantly pleased with how it performed. No complaints here!

Final thoughts!

Stix Golf in my opinion has come up with a winning formula. They offer a better than decent set of clubs for the average golfer. BUT WAIT FOR IT! The best part, their affordable. The entire Classic 11 piece set retails for just $799US. Given the fact that many drivers currently on the market are fast approaching that number, your getting a great deal. They offer other options too like their 14 piece set. So whether your a beginner or more seasoned golfer, Stix Golf should be on your radar. I think you’ll be surprised at their performance, and I guarantee it will be easier on the pocket book.

STIX GOLF – Classic Set (11 Clubs)

This 11club set is for the player who’s made strides in their game and wants more options during a round. We’ve taken the casual 9 club set and added two irons: a 6i and an 8i. How Stix is changing the world of golf? Each sleek club is a joy to swing — smooth and consistent, for a comfortable, controlled stroke. Built solid, these Stix clubs are made with the very same premium materials you’ll find in kits 3x the price. Because unless you’re Tiger Woods, a crazy-expensive pro kit will not change your game. Stix are for the rest of us — golf lovers who just want to swing stronger, hit further, and love the way the clubs feel. Visit their site for more great options.

MSRP – $799



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