Selfie Golf: DIY Swing Analysis

selfie golfIn a true case of “why didn’t we think of this?” inspiration, Selfie Golf solves an an age-old (OK, maybe decade-old) issue among golfers who want to get the most out of their practice sessions.

Many of us would love to use our smart phones to record every swing on the range, but we’re flummoxed on how to make that happen without investing in an expensive tripod system, bringing along a dedicated buddy or making do by leaning the phone up against something, anything, and delicately pushing the video button while scrambling to get in the frame.

Selfie Golf puts a golf-specific spin on the ubiquitous selfie stick with its ingenious yet simple collection of clamps and clips. Cradling the phone itself is a large clamp, which in turn attaches to either an alignment rod (your own or one offered by Selfie, sold separately) or a golf club via a smaller interior clip (several adapters are provided to accommodate various thicknesses). You attach that “monopod” to the edge or divider of a stand bag or cart bag with the help of a third clamp with a tension-tightened stick holder, secure the club or stick to a solid surface, and align the phone to make sure your swing zone is full in the frame, whether you choose to shoot face-on or down the line.

Then you’re set to hit the video button and get to work. Hello, instant video lesson that you gives you and your teaching pro instant, valuable feedback. | Check the price on Amazon!

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