Royal Albartross Is One Beautiful Golf Shoe

Handmade Quality Comes Through With Every Swing
royal albartross royal grey

The big trend in golf shoes for several years now is what might be called translatable comfort. It’s footwear that’s built for golf but can be easily and legitimately worn anywhere. Designed and hand-made in Italy, Royal Albartross shoes take this concept to new heights.

Yes, they sport a big-grip Vibram sole and uppers that meld the best construction elements of old-school, spike-equipped shoes and the 21st-century, tech-loaded wonders seen on swingin’ feet around the world, from local munis to PGA Tour stops. But any of the men’s and women’s styles are worth wearing off the course, too.

In fact, after Golf Tips editors got hold of a sample pair of Royal Albartross’ leather Cutler Grey style, we’d say they demand being shown off no matter where you are.

They’re that beautiful, that well-made, that far into a league of their own.

Even the packaging, with a cool welcome note from U.K.-based company founder and chief designer Alex Bartholomew tucked in an envelope and greeting you as you open the box, is a cut above.

Then you pull out the actual shoes, spy their details — the spot-on stitching, the lovingly applied design touches — and allow yourself a “wow.” When you put them on, walk around at first (no break-in necessary) and finally let them carry you to the first tee in the no-shortcuts, Euro-quality style envisioned and maintained by Bartholomew and his crew,  you simply sigh with gratitude.

Once you get deep into a round, you understand why Royal Albartross’ extra attention to craftsman and detail translates to better golf.

The substantial, solid sole promotes a more secure foundation, a snug connection between feet and ground — the cornerstone of any repeatable and efficient swing. And it doesn’t come at the expense of comfort. We felt no pinch spots or loose-fitting areas from toe to heel: Only form-fitting, well-padded bliss.

This boutique shoe company continues to add new models and make inroads into an admittedly crowded field, but not one of those models doesn’t scream “special.”

In short: treat those feet like Royalty, Albartross style.

$199-$450 for Men, $199-$475 for Women |

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