Invisasox: Hidden Comfort For Golfers

invisasoxThere’s nothing new under the golf sock sun, right? Uh, no — there is, particularly for people who like the no-sock look but still want the comfort and protection of a good, strong and breathable barrier between foot and shoe. On that score, Invisasox are perfect for any golfer who prefers to go “naked” around the ankles, without really doing so.

Invisasox are indeed a leap forward in the no-show sock game. Based on Golf Tips on-course testing, they’re as comfortable to wear as any comparable sock we’ve worn, while well-made and functional. They’re made of a 65 percent breathable cotton and 35 percent spandex blend that comfortably hugs the foot, with absolutely no slip thanks to a unique mesh heel, even when you’re walking all 18 holes. And, of course, since they stay hidden just below the shoe’s opening, you’ll be assured of an even tan line after racking up all those summertime rounds.

Invisasox are available in five colors for men and women.

$13.95 per pair |

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